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(Thumbnail photo by: Natalia ‘Brutalia’ Mantini /All other photos by: Sagan Lockhart)

Youth of Today is a new column (named after the hardcore band) inspired by all the awesome early twenty somethings and teenagers that are making stuff happen, working on cool projects, and living life on their own terms.

Heads up if you haven’t figured this out yet Odd Future is way more than just music, they are a creative force to be reckoned with in a variety of mediums. I dig it, and decided to interview photographer, skateboarder, and store manager Sagan Lockhart to discuss this more in depth.
BYT: So, you currently manage the Odd Future store on Fairfax Avenue, what is the most interesting experience you’ve had working in the store so far?
Sagan: Everyday is something different, nothing in particular that stands out but a lot of people come in and have gifts for Tyler or whoever or just want to take a picture with the staff. I try and be friendly about it but it can get weird.

When you aren’t working (and even when you are) you seem to be living a very unique life… what does a typical day for you usually involve?

I wish I could have a typical day!

You’ve toured with Odd Future and took some cool photos, when did you first get into photography and who or what inspired you to pick up a camera?

I’ve toured with them selling merch. I just happened to have a camera so naturally I would take photos. My godfather was a photographer for hustler so I had grown up around that type of environment and it always seemed interesting to me. I never got a camera until a little over a year ago from my friend Ian… one of the best things that could have happened so if you’re reading this thank you!

Along with all of your other ventures/adventures, you recently started your own magzine, Fersher. How did that come about and where you do see it headed?

I just wanted to have a fun project with friends,  I like to stay busy so it just seemed like a fun idea. I have a few plans for the zine but only time will tell where it ends up… or doesn’t haha.

(Image Source: Rad Collector)

Who are some Los Angeles based photographers or young photographers in general you think people in D.C. should check out?

Eddy “Legohead” Tekeli, Josh Terris,  Natalia Mantini, and Davon Jefferson.

Skateboarding is another big part of your life, when did you first start skating and what are some of your favorite skate spots in the Los Angeles area?

I started skating about 14 years ago and spots have come and gone over time but nothing will ever beat just cruising downtown with a group of friends.

You had a lot of success with your Sagan Lockhart shirts should we expect any new shirts in the future or should people start trying to hunt them down on ebay?

As far as the sagan shirts go they are done forever, but I would like to make some photo tees whenever I get around to it.

Tell our readers about about Loiter Squad, what is your involvement in it?
I’ve just been in a few skits, I haven’t even seen them all so everything will be just as surprising to me as it is to you.

BYT: Final thoughts + Feelings, whatever (If any)
Sagan Lockhart: thanks shannon for doing this interview

Stay up to date with Sagan’s adventures, follow him on twitter & instagram- @saganlockhart.