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Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer Rewrote is successfully straddling the IRL and URL worlds in a faux-leather t-shirt and fancy sweatpants. He has spun for crowds of over 10K, played Webster Hall (multiple times), and regularly (read: constantly) spouts shit on his twitter which is at times weird, candid, perceptive, and often a casserole made up of all of the above.

Like this:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.40.41 PM

Or this:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.33.17 PM

Ooooor this:

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 6.33.24 PM

Think about it, folks.

A member of production group M|O|D, consisting of seriously stellar producers Arnold, Yung SatanC.Z., and Lil Texas, Rewrote and friends are killing it. He just released one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a minute, aptly titled “lol a mix 4 u.” Don’t be rude and give it a listen—it’s 4 U.

Here’s the mix.

And here’s the track list:

cuft – do a trick remix
na – xtreme tremble
feral – sweatlodge II
cz – wow
rewrote – ?????
ciara – promise (total freedom remix)
no doubt – underneath it all
big chocolate – blue milk (dj sliink remix)
mister tweeks – rave land
vin sol nick hook & matrixxman – 666wayz
rewrote – throw that (vip)
panteros666 – olymp x
drippin & dj new jersey drone – equus
k-stylis – booty me down
rewrote – hadjar al hibla riddim
dj ace – bodies hit the floor
the dream – rockin that thang
stwo – liz (arnold & lil texas remix)
corcovado – gas pedal edit

We had a Lil Chat with Rewrote about the mix and music and also THE FUTURE, which you can internet eavesdrop on by simply scrolling down. Enjoy.

This new mix is pretty fucking great. Take us through your process.

My process is centered around the club tracks that I come back to when I’m not in the club, in a casual setting. I have to be able to enjoy exciting music even when i’m not necessarily in that mindset—on the train or sitting at home first thing in the morning.

So including (an in addition to) the artists in your mix, who are you #nowplaying?

I’ve been listening to a lot of old rave music from the 90’s recently, stuff like 808 State, Kaos Theory, and the Advent. Also a lot of original Baltimore club stuff like Dukeyman and Lady Shawna. The more contemporary stuff I’ve been listening to is homies of mine like Star Slinger, Feral, and the stuff from all of the Track Meet guys, to name a few.

Do you think about your audience when you’re making mixes, or is that more of a consideration when you’re djing live? Even if you don’t, who do you picture listening to this and what are they doing whilst listening?

I definitely think of my audience in both situations, but the platforms are very different; crowds are easier to read for me than just sort of putting out a mix and hoping for the best. I try to be wary of the overall mood I’m trying to convey, which has very little to do with what I imagine people doing while they listen to what I play.

How do you feel about the current state of electronic music? How about the scene here in New York?

New York is definitely back on the come-up since the decline of the club scene in the 90’s post-ecstasy. The hip-hop kids and the club kids are starting to throw more and more parties together, which puts the scene overall in this funny place: it’s kind of like the Wild West, no one knows where it’s headed. It’s kind of a thrill not knowing.

Tell me your feels regarding the term “EDM”.

EDM is just sort of a blanket term that doesn’t mean anything specific to me; I’m kind of a smartass when it comes to the bureaucracy of defining genres or trying to shell out vague terminology, I always argue that technically electric guitar music is EDM because the guitar’s plugged into an amp. I know I’m missing the point a little, but I could really give a shit. I think people gravitate towards using terms like EDM because it’s a copout way of explaining something that no one really understands.

So what’s next for Rewrote? Releases/shows coming up? How about M|O|D?

I’ve got a solo EP coming out in the next few months that I’ve had done for a while, and M|O|D has a lot of things going on behind the scenes that I’m not necessarily at liberty to discuss freely but am very excited about.

Follow Rewrote on Twitter, Soundcloud, and like him on Facebook. Also, snap him pictures of your family pet because he’s into that.