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There’s no science to determining whether or not you’ll enjoy Selected Tweets by Tao Lin and Mira Gonzalez. (Interview follows with the latter, btw.) In order to figure out whether you’d like to read this book you can either a) take my word for it, or, b) do the following:

Click HERE for Tao Lin’s Twitter!

Click HERE for Mira Gonzalez’s Twitter!

Scroll through a bit. Did you giggle/ponder/cry/re-read/enjoy/not-enjoy, but in an interesting way? If so, you should probably go ahead and purchase Selected Tweets which—as the name suggests—is a book comprised of selected tweets from both Tao and Mira. The book operates as a sort of flip book, with Tao’s tweets on one side and Mira’s on the other. The tweets are organized by account (both writers have multiple), and then chronologically within each account, if that makes sense. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This was not surprising to me as I enjoy both Tao/Mira’s writing (both in- and outside of Twitter). I even live tweeted my reading of Mira’s half (with whom I tend to relate to more. Maybe because of age/gender/shared “issues”/Mexican-Jew-ness/or maybe something else.)  Look:

I was given detailed instructions. Thanks, editor!!

All 29 selected tweet live tweet-tweets are available for your viewing pleasure here. More importantly, though, our interview with Mira is available HERE. As in, scroll-down, here!

How did you meet Tao?

I was a fan of Tao’s writing for a while before we started talking. At some point, I followed Jordan Castro on twitter. At the time, my twitter bio was a lyric from the mountain goats song ‘autoclave’. jordan messaged me saying his band had covered that song, and asked for my email so he could show me. jordan and i began emailing back and forth a bit. soon after, tao began favoriting my tweets, i think because jordan recommended my twitter to tao, or mentioned we had been emailing, or something. after i saw tao had been favoriting my tweets, i sent him an email that said something like ‘hi i like your writing thanks for favoriting my tweets’ and he responded saying he wanted to edit my tweets and publish them on muumuu house. i met tao in real life a few months later when i moved to new york.

How did this project come to be? Did you already know you wanted to collaborate when you thought of the idea?

the idea came about from a suggestion from my editor, elizabeth ellen. she told me that she wanted to do a flip book of my tweets. like, a coffee table book of sorts. then i suggested that tao and i both do it. originally it was gonna be more similar to what tao does on muumuu house. as in, i was going to edit tao’s tweets and he was going to edit mine. as time went on though, we decided the book would be better if we both had total control over our own tweets. then we sort of realized the book was going to be way too long to be a flip book or a coffee table book, and realistically it was closer to prose. or rather, a book in it’s own category entirely. im interested to see how bookstores will categorize it when it comes out.


And how did you curate your tweets? Did you literally look through all of them? (Follow up: did it suck, was it fun, was it laborious, etc.)

yeah, i downloaded my archive for all my twitter accounts (which is essentially just an organized file of everything i’ve ever tweeted) and i went through every single tweet, picking out only the ones i found the most funny or interesting. mostly i found it really fun, but it did make me feel extremely nostalgic and weird sometimes. going through old tweets reminded me of bizarre details of my life i would have otherwise forgotten. it was also a ‘trip down memory lane’ in a lot of ways, which was often times super bleak. (seeing things i tweeted at ex-boyfriends, or seeing how much more depressed i used to be, etc.) i tend to be a person who doesn’t romanticize the past, or at least i try to not think about the past too much in my daily life. i prefer to focus on the present. but going through old tweets forced me to think about the past a lot, which was actually super cathartic in retrospect.

So was there a lot of collaboration between you and Tao or was it more like you each did your own halves?

more like we each did our own halves. it was going to be more collaborative in the beginning, but i think we both realized right away that our tweets were deeply personal and the result would be more satisfying for us, and more interesting for the reader, if we each just did our own halves and didn’t try to make them consistent with each other.


Was there anything that made you want to die looking back on? If so, what and why!

so many things. mostly things i had tweeted during the ‘honeymoon phase’ of various relationships, those were the tweets that made me want to die the most. all the things i tweeted when i was doing crack and cocaine we’re pretty embarrassing and awful too. also there is one part in the book where i live tweet me breaking up with someone. that made me want to die a lot.

Was there anything that made you feel particularly pleased looking back on? Or, alternatively, any tweets you had forgotten about and then re-read and thought “hehe that’s a good one?”

for the most part, i felt pleased looking back on my tweets. even the ones that made me want to die were sort of pleasing in that, it’s rare for me to feel that embarrassed by myself. it was sort of fun to know that it’s possible for me to shame myself.

What do you see as the major “themes” of your tweets? (Besides things in your vagina and milkshakes/boys/yards.)

some themes i found in the book: xanax, oprah, jennifer lopez, rap lyrics, depression, whales, burritos, bad relationships, feeling fat

How do you feel about Twitter, generally?

the same way a heroin addict feels about heroin, i guess

How do you feel about people who don’t use Twitter? Do you think they’ll “get” the book?

my hope is that everyone will get the book, including people who don’t use twitter. my logic is that, people who don’t write novels can still enjoy novels, so why wouldn’t someone who doesn’t tweet enjoy this book?

Are you pleased with the book?


Do you have any, like, “expectations” for this book?

i’m trying to have very few expectations for this book, so that i’m not disappointed by anyone’s reactions to it.

What’s next? Creatively and otherwise.

probably just gonna keep writing until it kills me


Selected Tweets is available for pre-order NOW via Hobart. Also,  follow Mira on Twitter.