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By Jordan Shavarebi

Seeing as you’re cool, cultured, and musically savvy enough to be reading this, we here at BYT are already assuming that you’ve got tickets to see Kindness at U Street Music Hall on Thursday. But the nice thing about cool, cultured, and musically savvy people is that they’re always down to learn more about their favorite things // enter this quick Q&A with Adam Bainbridge, the man behind Kindness, who has stolen our hearts and most likely will refuse to give them back at the show(s):

Kindness AKA Adam Bainbridge
Who are some of your favorite musicians of the past, who may not necessarily influence your music?

I’m currently listening to Nick Drake, and have definitely been having a Joni Mitchell/Jaco Pastorius moment these past weeks. But even artists that you’d never sound like end up influencing song writing, that much I’m sure of.

Which of your collaborators would you most like to be stuck on a desert island with?

I would not like to be stuck on a desert island.

What’s the biggest difference between American and European music crowds?

American crowds are probably going to know more of the influences and musical nods that happen during the live shows. The live band is a mix of British and American musicians, so we’re throwing it all in the blender at this point.

Who would you most like to remix one of your tracks?

I’m working on those who might be remotely plausible! So the impossible: Larry Levan, Romanthony, Walter Gibbons, DJ Rashad

What are your thoughts on vinyl vs digital?

Both have their strengths at this point. I couldn’t dj with vinyl, moving around as much as I do. And the last time I travelled to Australia to DJ with records, the decks were fucked up and unusable. But for home listening and the building of a music collection I reckon there’s nothing better. Even commercially made CDs are going to oxidise to the extent that they’re unplayable in the next couple of decades. Hard drives corrupt. Vinyl ain’t going anywhere!

How, if at all, have your prolific family members influenced your music? 

By bringing a lot of music and knowledge into my family life at an early age. Plus coming from a mixed race background I got to appreciate a whole lot of musical culture – and understand what attracts minorities to music which speaks for all minority experience, principally Black American music.

What’s the best and worst part about being on tour?

Best part is getting to meet and play for audiences I never thought I’d get to meet. Worst part is giving it all, getting into a sweaty mess, and knowing the next shower is two days away!

Who are some of your favorite musicians of the present, who may not necessarily influence your music? 

Todd Edwards, Jai Paul, inc., Dam Funk, Jam City, Bok Bok, Kelela, Alexandria, New Orleans Brass bands, The Go go scene for ever & ever amen

If you could teach the world one thing, without using words, what would it be, and how would you do it? 

It’s gonna be ok. How would I show them? I’d probably turn off the computer you’re reading this on and walk you outside….


Remember to catch Kindness at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, Rough Trade on Sunday and in DC at U Street Music Hall on the 19th.