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Hailing from the Bay Area which is currently booming with talented female emcee’s 24 year old Kristine Flaherty better known as ‘K. Flay’ is defining genres and forming her own lane. SHE PLAYS DC9 TONIGHT!

I got my first taste of what K. Flay has been dishing out this summer at DC 9 while she was on a mini tour with fellow west coast rapper T. Mills and couldn’t get enough of her since. K. Flay dropped her first mixtape titled  “Mashed Potatoes” back in September 2009.

Her musical talents have grown and diversified while gaining recognition and sharing the stage from a variety of artists such as Theophlius London, Passion Pit, Ludacris,  3oh!3 and Snoop Dogg to name a few as she continued to drop mixtapes (along with collaborations tracks with artists such as Mc Lars and Santigold)  my personal favorite being “I stopped caring in ’96.” featuring her lighthearted and upbeat single “Party.”

Taking her talent in a different more raw direction K. Flay’s newest EP Eyes Shut shows off her true rapping ability and her talent to connect musical genre’s from one of the end spectrum to another in the most colorful manner.

I had the opportunity to interview K. Flay earlier this week as we discussed touring, tattoos and what it’s like to be female emcee.

BYT: So, along with the drop of your newest EP you’ve been on the road a lot recently? What would you consider to be your favorite song to preform live… something new or an old classic?

K. Flay: That is a tough question I would have to say currently my favorite song to play is off Eyes Shut, which is Sunburn.

BYT: Okay awesome, and your neck of the woods seems be getting a lot of musical attention these days. How would you describe the local scene in the Bay Area?

K. Flay: I love it,  I love that it’s not huge like New York or Los Angeles and it’s always awesome to see any talent from the area get recognized.

BYT: That’s what’s up! Who have you been hyped on lately from the Bay that you think DC should get hip to?

K. Flay: Zoni I is hip hop duo that I had the opportunity to collaborate on a track with and they are just fantastic.

BYT: So, with being out on the road so frequently what are some venues you have grown partial to in the states?

K. Flay: Well, out in San Francisco when it comes to hometown venues I would have to say The Independent and Bottom of the Hill. Both venues have a very intimate and edgy punk rock feel. Than in Chicago I got to perform at the Subterranean which was gorgeous.

BYT: They all sound wonderful. So with being on the road do you have any interesting tour stories you would like to share?

K. Flay: This summer when I was on the road with T. Mills he had some pretty dedicated fans that would show up to several of his shows. One of which girl had three tattoos of T. Mills on herself and I remember after seeing her and finding that out having a dream about getting weird tattoos and waking up to realize it was untrue.

BYT: Wow um that’s rather intense! So what’s your opinion on Kreayshawn and White Girl Mob since her and V Nasty are also out reppin for the Bay Area?

K. Flay: I think it’s great to see other girls from this area get the attention but it must have been hard to be put on the spotlight so quick like that. Either way I am looking forward to see what’s next for the duo.

BYT: For Real! So, you’re on the road now and your preforming at SXSW and you just dropped Eyes Shut, what’s next in the world of K. Flay?

K. Flay: Well I am constantly recording on and off the road and hopefully will have something new possibly a length out again by this summer but until then everyone should come check out a live show since that truly portrays this hybrid I am pushing.

If your digging K. Flay like a shovel come hangout tonight at DC 9 and see K. Flay along with openers Gage and Cheyne!