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Inimitable Spanish quartet Hinds will be making stops in our fair cities of NYC (tonight at Warsaw, 5.10), DC (tomorrow at U Street Music Hall, 5.11) and Chicago (Lincoln Hall, 5.15) this week and next in support of sophomore LP, I Don’t Run. It’s a cracking eleven tracks in total, and is what the band describes as a more unabashed approach to speaking about things and people they might’ve shied away from in the past.

I spoke with guitarist and singer Carlotta Cosials over the phone earlier this week, and she told me that becoming more openly honest about certain topics was a sort of natural progression, because the music they want to be making demands it. “Not being afraid of people’s reactions, and just saying what you want to say, makes for better music,” she said.

I asked her what their friends and families thought of the project in general, and she said that it did take a few people some time to come around to the idea, but that now more or less everyone seems to be on board. “Some of them even come around in the van with us while we’re traveling to play shows!”

And speaking of shows, the fun-loving band (consistently one of my favorites to see live) somehow manages to bring it 100% night after night despite being known bon vivants. I asked if there’s a secret to avoiding eternal hangover, and Cosials (who said this is probably the question they get asked the most) laughingly told me that if there is, Hinds isn’t any more in the know than the rest of us. She does, however, attribute the band’s seemingly infinite stockpile of energy to a passion for what they’re doing. “We work hard and we play hard,” she said, and added that “we also drink a lot of ginger during the day.”

The band’s close-knit nature also probably factors into the overall morale. “If one of us is feeling bad or sad or even furious, we support each other,” she said.

They also like to joke around quite a bit; for example, they even started an Instagram account for bassist Ade Martin that just shows pictures of her smoking pre-rolled cigarettes. I asked Cosials to explain, and she said that “Ade is supposed to smoke rolled cigarettes, but we realized she was borrowing from us all the time, so we decided to start keeping track on Instagram. One day she’ll have to pay us back!” (Hopefully the day of reckoning will come someplace where nicotine is more affordable than where I live in Brooklyn.)

Hinds will be running around the festival circuit this summer, but for the time being, they’re just enjoying getting back to playing venues that have become more and more like home. “We love to see familiar faces,” she said, “and of course we love to be able to talk with our fans after our sets.” So if you’re in the audience, be sure to say hola, ’cause they don’t run.

Buy I Don’t Run here, and catch the band live in any/all cities that apply to your geographical location.