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It’s a jungle of podcasts out there, but Panoply’s Bad With Money is one of the best, most eye-opening ones that you should absolutely be listening to right now. In case you couldn’t gather from the title, it dives into the deep end of the F word – finances (SHUDDERS) – and it’s back for a new season of entertaining insights TODAY! I had the chance to shoot a couple of email questions over to host Gaby Dunn to find out what we can expect from the new episodes (and which ones from previous seasons are CR00SH to binge before diving into the 2018 catalog), plus we touch on what’s going on with her other projects, like the BWM book (due out in 2019) and a writing gig over at Netflix favorite Big Mouth. Internet-eavesdrop on our full Q+A below, and be sure to tune into BWM like, right now.

We’re primarily here to talk about Bad With Money, so that’s going to happen very soon, but first, two things real quick – 1. Allison Raskin’s dog Sugar always seems so chilled out on your YouTube channel (Just Between Us), and on her IG, @sendhelpdog. What is the most lit Sugar has ever been? Has Sugar ever been lit, or is she just like a cumulus cloud in dog form?

She is quite chill! Although she has run to greet me before and those are the best days of my life.

And 2. you’re also writing for Big Mouth! Which character do you identify with the most?

Oh! That’s a fun question. It would be so sad if I said Coach Steve. I think somewhere between Missy and Jay. A Jay sun, Missy rising, Coach Steve moon.

And now onto Bad With Money stuff! BWM has a pretty excellent catalog of episodes to choose from so far. If someone’s listening for the first time, are there any episodes in particular that you think would be good to start with, apart from the first one? Or is a chronological listen still the way to go?

I’m sure I’m supposed to say that you should listen to them all, but I think going through and reading the descriptions and picking the topics that interest you is a valid way to listen. I’d say some favorites include Carrie Wade’s episode about disability, my interview with Jane Mayer, the episode entitled WHAT IF YOU’RE FUCKED and like you said, the pilot.

What typically goes into making each episode? Is there a set formula you usually use to prepare and conduct, or does it depend?

My producers Sam Dingman and Lindsey Kratochwill will come up with topics we want to cover and then they’ll help find guests and set up the interviews. They’re also incredible at picking the order of the information we present. They will often prepare documents with information I should know on each guest before I interview them too. They’re the best producers ever. The first season was very single interview-based and the second season had a few interviews per episode as we covered a theme. For season three, it’ll be even more topic-focused.

The theme song is v. good. If you could have anyone (alive or ghost) cover it, who would your top three picks be?

David Byrne, Patsy Cline, Selena

What are you especially stoked on for the upcoming season? (You know, apart from all of it?)

I’m excited to get some marginalized voices out there who may not otherwise have a platform. I think now is the time for radical ideas to be given space because at this point, the country has nothing to lose. I think we spent so long saying there was no way these amazingly empathetic and perhaps socialist ideas could be implemented but look at how the right has just taken over with so many things we prior to 2016 thought would never fly. There’s no room to say, “Well that’s too crazy” anymore. So I’m excited to see what fans have to say about all the new ideas we’re going to be presenting to fix the economy and our own personal financial lives.

A lot of great guests have been on, which I obviously don’t have to tell you. BUT, have you ever approached anyone about participating and been turned down specifically because they were hesitant to talk about money? 

Yes. Mostly it’s been “My partner would kill me if I talked about this publically.” I’ve also had people turn me down because the way they make money isn’t legal. (Sex work, drugs, etc.)

What’s been the most mind-blowing and/or useful thing you’ve learned about money in the process of hosting this podcast, either from a factual standpoint and/or like, a personal relationship to money standpoint?

That no one knows what they’re talking about and everyone is anxious about money, so don’t let anyone talk down to you.

Do people come up to you and ask for financial advice at social gatherings or in public spaces now? Are you like the doctor or lawyer friend who’s constantly being shaken down for information?

Basically. But the premise of the show is I don’t know anything so I always remind them of that. Though, I guess I am the one doing the digging so sometimes I do have information or advice to impart that I’ve learned from other people. It’s interesting how many people don’t want to or are scared to ask the question so because I have, I seem like some kind of expert.

You’ve got a BWM book coming out next year! What can you tell me about that? 

The book is part financial memoir and part exploration of the reasons the financial system is rigged and what we can do about it. I was very interested in dismantling the idea of millennials as entitled or any sort of monolithic group. So I wanted to stop with the whole “personal finance” “here’s how to adult!” cutesy side of these kinds of books and research why we’re being sold this fallacy and how it affects everyone’s lives.

My friend Michael and I have a bad habit of saying we want to do a podcast, and then we’ll record one episode and decide we don’t like the angle anymore. Were there any pre-BWM fledglings that never saw the light of day for similar reasons?

I had a  TV podcast with an ex but it took too long to make and we split up. There’s like 5 really good episodes out in the world and then it died.

You stay super busy. What does an average day look like for you? Or does that even exist? If not, do you have any daily rituals that you try to stick to create a bit of a routine feeling?

Days are all different! I do usually take my meds in the morning (very important!) and have a coffee. On a great day, I have a bowl of cereal so I’m not lagging by lunch time. I water my plants. But beyond that, every day has a different schedule which is dictated by my handy Google Calendar, which I can’t recommend enough.

Finally, what else (if anything aside from the above) is coming up in the near future that you’re super excited about and want to talk about?

Oh gosh! There’s so many things I can’t talk about yet. One thing I am very stoked on that I can say a little about is I’m writing a graphic novel. It’s not a comedy. It’s a very gritty, fucked up procedural that I’ve been calling “lesbian Hannibal.” So I can’t wait for that. I know I write comedy usually but my favorite movie/TV genres are horror and procedurals. (Don’t tell my agents.) So I’m excited to get into that space too.