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2015 has been a great year for dining in the District and it’s about to get even better. Doron Petersan, the charming and adventurous owner of Sticky Fingers, is opening a new restaurant in the city. We caught up Petersan to get all of the details, and managed to grab a few pics of desserts she may be serving at her new restaurant, Fare Well.

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Brightest Young Things: What is concept behind your new venture?

Doron Petersan: The new spot will be called Fare Well, and it will be a New York-style diner with a bakery and a bar. The diner will be like the diners I grew up by in New York, with Italian, Mediterranean and Eastern European dishes, baked dishes, the ultimate comfort food. The food I want to eat! The food will be veggie-centric, affordable, and delicious. Desserts will be in a display at the front of the restaurant, and there will be seating along the bar for diners who want to be quick.

BYT: What kind of dishes are you going to serve?

DP: Different kinds of breads, baked ziti, stromboli, frittatas, pasta, salads, pierogis, and a whole host of delicious desserts. The menu will be seasonal, and we will use local and organic ingredients when possible. We will serve lunch, brunch, and dinner.

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BYT: Will the desserts be different than the ones you offer at Sticky Fingers?

DP: Yes, the desserts at Sticky Fingers are more like cookies, cupcakes, and donuts. At Fare Well we will have pies, cakes, bars, Christmas cookies, trifles, danishes, croissants, and savory baked goods as well.

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BYT: Will there be drinks?

DP: We’ll have a cocktail program and happy hour! We will serve draft beers, wine, and we’ll mix our own sodas and syrups.

BYT: What’s going on with the Indiegogo Campaign?

DP: The Indigo Campaign was created to help us purchase kitchen essentials like stoves and ovens. Without such funds we will be forced to roll out croissants by hand, for example. We’re offering great perks in exchange for the fund,s like t-shirts, housemade syrups, take-away picnics and feasts, recognition on our website, tickets to our friends and family night, and more. Donate here if you can!

BYT: Now for the most important question, when is it opening?

DP: End of October! But we will have a pop-up at G by Mike Isabella on September 21 and 22 where individuals who have purchased tickets can sample some of the dishes we’ll be offering at Fare Well.

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