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If you have a cat you talk to your cat. You do not know the cat language. The Cat Chat – Chat With Cats app may be able to help.

Cat Chat – Chat With Cats was released today, for free, in the Apple App Store. We spoke to creator Charlie Deets about his most recent artistic achievement. Before we began, he wanted to make it clear that he was not alone. “My cat is fighting me for the record. You can start with that for cat cred points.”

Brightest Young Things: Why did you create this app?

Charlie Deets: I created the app because I saw a gap in the market. No one had made an app where you could you speak as a cat.


BYT: Have you always wanted to speak as a cat?

CD: It’s more out of frustration. My cat talks to me in cat, and I don’t understand him at all. I thought this might help me understand. And it kinda did. It’s terrible to try to talk as a cat.

BYT: What’s the name of your cat?

CD: I mostly refer to him as ‘cat’, but technically his name is Locutus Octagon Tokyo Derpleneck Deets.

BYT: Are you afraid that you’ve created something customized for Locutus Octagon Tokyo Derpleneck Deets and cats that are named things like Kitty and Miss Kitty won’t understand the app?

CD: I simply have no idea.

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BYT: How long did it take to create Cat Chat?

CD: I went on vacation for a week, about that time. It’s been done for a couple weeks, but apple had trouble with the app store description. I had to add a line to explain that it didn’t allow you to actually talk to cats.

BYT: Do you feel like that’s Apple infringing on your art? Also, is this art?

CD: No, Apple is being a good company. This is definitely art, since isn’t really practical in any sort of useful way. One might even describe it as, garbage.

BYT: How would you describe it?

CD: A social network with an intended lifespan of 48 hours or so.

Cat Chat is currently available for free in the App Store. As of now there is no plan for an Android version. Just buy an iPhone to talk to your cat.

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