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If you’ve been reading BYT since, say, 2012, you don’t need to be introduced to Brett.

The electropop powerhouse used to haunt the DC scene quite a bit back in those days, raging from H St to U St and beyond as a four-piece band that shared members with The Dance Party. But in the years since then, all the new Washington-transplants might not have caught the memo, especially after frontman Mick Coogan picked up and moved the show to LA.

He’s been rocking it hard out there, as well as maintaining his DC ties, helping write and record on a few projects put out by DC’s Prince George Records. Of course, all the latest Brett releases are the same great pop we’ve come to expect. (I especially liked last year’s Mode.)

This week, Mick celebrates the release of his new single ‘Tell Me All The Dreams You Been Havin'” with a special return-to-DC event. The track, which is said to have been inspired by Sheryl Crow and Pacific Coast Highway, is very Cali, but it also translates well to a sunny and green summer in this city.

Catch Brett on a DJ set at Mellow Mushroom this Sunday afternoon as part of the Adams Morgan venue’s weekly SUNNYSIDE event, where he’ll be playing Grateful Dead, some special Brett tracks ,and a couple Prince George Records favorites.

In anticipation, we talked with Mick for a few about his move, living in DC and what fans can expect from this weekend’s event.

What is Brett up to these days? Your new song, “Tell Me All The Dreams You Been Havin”’ is great! Will that song be on a future release?

Brett is releasing a new EP on July 23rd. “Tell Me All the Dreams You Been Havin'” will be included in the release. We will also release another EP this fall.

What’s the ideal setting to listen to electropop?

I feel like I enjoy guitar music a lot more these days, but if I were to listen to electropop, it would be somewhere that had a “vibe.”

I read your new music is inspired by Sheryl Crow and a trip up Pacific Coast Highway. What about that experience set you to write and record these songs?

The PCH drive is a pretty magical route. It’s well worth taking a loved one and some edibles and balling out up to San Fran from LA.

I was inspired on a PCH trip last summer. When you’re cruising through the fog on the cliffs outside of Monterrey and “If It Makes You Happy” comes on, you’re in a good zone. Happy memories.

After living in LA and DC, where do like living more?

When I last lived in DC, I was a weekend warrior playing in a band with my best friends, drinking upwards of 130 Silver Bullets a weekend and feeling relatively young and invulnerable in regards to all things.

In LA, I’m a songwriter and producer and I am trying to work at the highest level of our industry and competition is quite steep – so 130 Silver Bullets isn’t really a thing these days.

Who are some of your favorite musicians you’ve discovered in LA? Who are some of your favorite DC musicians?

Kevin Bayly [of Prince George Record] is my favorite DC musician, because we can be honest and forthright with each other on text chains, and I also think he is doing marvelous work with Prince George Records.

What tunes can people expect to hear at your DJ set at Mellow Mushroom this weekend?

I’m going to play a Grateful Dead song. I’m going to play “Drown.” I’m going to play a Brett song. This is mainly my overall aesthetic.