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Bibio’s new record, entitled A Mineral Love, dropped TODAY, and I am beyond excited for the planet to hear it. While listening to the advance, I decided to play a little game of word association based entirely on the wording of each of the song titles; from there I formulated a bunch of theoretical (and potentially nonsensical) questions to ask Bibio himself over email, and he very kindly obliged! Find out his opinions on town vs. country, flower petal varieties, overused catchphrases and SO MUCH MORE, and then be sure to grab a copy of A Mineral Love to put on heavy rotation this weekend (and forever):

Petals – The “he loves me, he loves me not” system is (in my opinion) grossly underused as a valid decision-making tool in modern society, but if it became popular to use this method in place of, say, flipping coins etc., then which species of flower would be a Bibio-endorsed petal source for all future decisions?

The Ephemeral Bluebell.

A Mineral Love – I rarely get the opportunity to discuss minerals, so I am going to exploit this one fully (even if you don’t want me to) by asking you which one (mineral, I mean) you think is the most aesthetically pleasing. (For me it is bornite, which also wins bonus points because it’s sometimes called “peacock ore”.)

Ooh, tough one. Out of the ones I photographed for the artwork, I was very fond of Feldspar. But Gabbro is also amazing, as is Serpentine and Peridotite.

Raxeira – According to a Google search I just did, “raxeira” is a Galician word for “a line drawn by the sunlight on the floor as it filters through the window.” Do you prefer morning sunshine to high noon sunshine to evening sunshine, or do you view all three as separate but equal light sources?

I love sunlight at any time and in any form. But I particularly love evening sunlight, the photographer’s golden hour. When it’s getting low and more amber. When it filters through leaves, particularly Copper Beech leaves, then it’s divine. Combine that with Bach on headphones and you have the answer to life.

Town & Country – If you had to choose town OR country (permanently), which would it be?

Easy. Country, any day. I have a problem with cities. I like picturesque places and cities rarely are that for me. I like natural beauty, peace, quiet, bird song, fresh air, meadows, streams, forests. I like towns and cities occasionally, but I’m always glad to be back in my village where you can see stars at night and smell farms and grass. I like historic old towns with wonky buildings and nice old pubs. But big noisy, concrete cities I can only deal with in tiny doses.

Feeling – What is the best feeling you’ve had in the last 24 hours, and conversely, what is the worst feeling you’ve had in the last 24 hours?

Worst feeling – neck pain from being on a laptop too much (doing this isn’t helping). Best feeling – I had a pretty good cup of tea earlier.

The Way You Talk – What’s a word or phrase you think you overuse, if any? (I say “dope” too much.)


With The Thought Of Us – If an alien civilization has been secretly watching us this whole time (or at least for the past decade), what do you think they think of us?

It’d depend on the state of their species. But sometimes I feel like an alien and I see humanity as an awful evolutionary mistake that’s ruining the planet. But I also love aspects of human culture and it fills me with inspiration, so it’s full of conflict, just like humanity. But I often think about this, if aliens had manage to visit us and observe us, then it’s fair to assume they are highly advanced. But maybe they were also dissatisfied with their own planet and destroyed it, which is why they’re hovering over ours in a spaceship. But maybe they’ve got the balance of nature and technology right. We certainly haven’t.

Why So Serious – What is something you cannot (and/or refuse to) take seriously?


C’est La Vie – If you had to choose to between making English take the place of French or making French take the place of English (thus resulting in one language being deleted from the face of the planet in the process), which language would you prefer to have prevail?

Ooh, tough one. I think French is probably the most beautiful sounding language in the world, but English is the greatest and most expressive because it’s so global and being added to constantly. But to be honest, I’d probably choose to keep french, because it sounds cool.

Wren Tails – Did you know that (according to legend) Saint Stephen was hiding to avoid being stoned to death when a chattering wren betrayed his position, and he died as a result? So then people invented Wren Day to hunt wrens for vengeance? This isn’t so much a question as it is (to me) an interesting link between your name, minus the “Saint” part (FOR NOW), and wrens.

There you go, humans are doomed. Hunting Wrens out of vengeance. I mean what are we, really? I’m definitely no saint myself, but I wouldn’t hurt a Wren. The very sight of one feels like a blessing. You will know when they go ‘cause they’ll never light up the silence, and your heart just sighed.

Gasoline & Mirrors – This word combination reminds me of the end of Thelma and Louise and now I can’t think of anything else, so, if you could swap out the ending Thelma and Louise song where they drive into the Grand Canyon with one of your own tracks (off this record or previous ones), which would you choose, if any?

Dunno, I think I’ve only seen the Wayne’s World version. I could go the funny route or the tragic one… the tragic one would be ‘Carbon Wulf’.

Saint Thomas – Saint Thomas could refer to people, or it could refer to the island, which is full of sunshine. What SPF is the SPF of Bibio? (The SPF of Megan Burns is like, 95+.)

I have no idea.

Light Up The Sky – If there was a fireworks display to spell out “BIBIO” in the sky on album release day, what color(s) would you hope those fireworks would be, and would you hope the “O” would look like one of those smiley-face fireworks?

Do those exist? Not sure I’d want my name in fireworks, it’s a bit U2 isn’t it? But probably a really dark violet colour that’s barely visible, that’d be quite tasteful. Or burgundy. Dark burgundy light in the sky would be nice.