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Interview by Clarissa Villondo, Photos by Clarissa Villondo and Nicholas Karlin

After ASTR’s performance at Sweetlife this past May, I was able to catch up with the New York duo, Adam and Zoe, about their time at Sweetlife, their healthy food choices and the upcoming tour with The Knocks.


Congratulations on your stellar performance at Sweetlife. I absolutely enjoyed your performance. What was it like for you to be able to perform that festival?

Zoe: Sweetlife was so fun for us. It was such a big crowd. We really didn’t know what to expect from Sweetlife. We were kind of running off of no sleep. It was such a great crowd. Everyone was dancing. It was a great time.


Since you all are health conscious, what was it like for you to play Sweetlife, started by Sweetgreen, a DC restaurant chain with a main focus on being healthy?

Zoe: That was definitely a big plus. I’ve known the guys who run Sweetgreen for awhile. We’re friends so it was even more sweet. We’re totally behind their mission and their intentions for what they’re doing. I think that was a cool experience for us. The trailer was all fresh juice instead of crap. We’re 100% down with what they’re doing.


Moving forward with your tour with The Knocks. What dates are you most excited for with this tour?

Zoe: Our first show in New York is kind of a big deal for us because New York is where we live. We’re trying to make it a special show. We’re going to be guest openers for The Knocks. It’s hard to not be excited for that one. I’m personally really excited for DC. We’ve never played in Chicago and I hear so many amazing things about Chicago.

Adam: I’m going to tell you, when we get to Iowa, that’s going to be a test of how many friends we have out there.

Zoe: We’re also excited for San Fran and LA.


I’m glad you’re excited for DC! You played U Street Music Hall the past few times you’ve come to DC. What should DC expect different at 9:30 Club than the past performances at U Street Music Hall?

Zoe: We love DC. Every time we’ve been, we’ve had a great turnout and a really fun time. This is going to be a new set at the 9:30 Club for the tour.


I know you’re health conscious, but 9:30 Club’s cupcakes are a favorite for many musicians who come to the 9:30 Club. Do you think you’ll be trying a couple?

Zoe: There is always a time and a place for sweets. That time may not be every meal, but we’re all for celebrations.

Adam: I don’t like cupcakes with a lot of frosting on them though.

Zoe: I’ll eat the frosting and you eat the cake. I don’t like the cake part as much.

Adam: Fair enough.


On a related food note, are there any DC restaurants that you’re going to try when you’re in town?

Zoe: In DC? I wish we thought about this a little more right now. I’m not sure where we’re even sleeping quite yet, let alone where we’ll want to go try to eat.

Adam: We did go to Ben’s Chili Bowl last time.

Zoe: We might not go there this time, but we do need to start thinking about this. Where are we eating in every city? Someone just told me that they had a book of places to eat right off highways. We should find it. We need to get that.


Join ASTR at the 9:30 Club with The Knocks and some cupcakes on June 16.