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Alex Cameron makes very good music, so I decided to send him an email Q+A that was based entirely on the song titles from his excellent new record Jumping the Shark. Topics covered included (but were not limited to) material possessions, dogs and the internet. (What more could you possibly hope for?) So read up on all of that below, but more importantly, 1. grab a copy of the record here (out now on Secretly Canadian), and 2. get tickets to see him live with Angel Olsen at DC’s 9:30 Club tomorrow night, and NYC’s Webster Hall Saturday night (sold out, but you could make a ticket holding friend) and Warsaw Sunday night (still tickets available at the time of this writing!) // HERE WE GO:

Happy Ending – In movies (the movies that people really like, anyway) there is usually some sort of satisfying finale in which all of the good things come true and all of our questions are answered and we stop wondering what happens to the people next because maybe time has frozen and everything will stay like that forever. If you could freeze a nice moment from your life so far and have it be that way permanently, which one would you pick? (Or are you like the kind of person from TV game shows who likes to risk all their winnings to keep playing in the event the best is yet to come, usually in the form of a new car or a trip to Tahiti or something, and you would not like to be frozen in a past moment because maybe it would not be as good as a future moment?)

I have had a few blissful moments that I’d think about on my death bed.  In Wyoming: driving so fast the car stopped indicating our speed.  In Paris: having rough sex with a woman that I loved deeply.  In New South Wales: a small pup named Beau chasing after me on my bike.  In Victoria: recovering from bronchitis.  Things like that.  But I will always want to find something new.  That’s the main thing for me.

Gone South – We do a series called Nightmare Gig where people tell us about their live shows that have “gone south”. Does anything come to mind for you in terms of comically bad live circumstances?

Nothing really gets me n Roy down.  The worse the better.  I’ve had people walk in on me doing disgraceful things to myself in the toilet 5 minutes before show time.  At an office Christmas Party in 2014 Roy ate too many uppers and ended up playing sax in the sky.  He sounded like a lapdog trynna escape from a pelican.
I had a dream last night that Roy ran over a kid just as the tour started.  That’d be bad.  Not funny.  But just the pits.

Real Bad Lookin’ – I am typically my most real bad lookin’ on hungover mornings, so I will venture to ask you 1. do you have a morning routine, and if so, what is it, and/or 2. do you have a hangover cure, and if so, what is it?

1. I check my phone, then my iPad, then my laptop, then my desktop. 2. Hangover cure is sleep.  Preferably next to someone.  I like to write when I get a blissful one.  If it’s a stinger then there’s little that can be done about anything.  Roy goes waterskiing.

The Comeback – In an alternate universe you are a down-on-your-luck athlete who’s just had the fire in your belly rekindled because of some sort of upcoming competition in which the guy favored to win is a real asshole, and now you are doing things like eating protein powder and doing push-ups, all so you can prove you are still the greatest. What song would play in the condensed montage of your training process?

Tarzan Boy – Baltimora

She’s Mine – What is the best thing you have ever owned?

1988 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.  Black.  Extras: Air conditioning.  White wall tyres.  Information centre.  It is now in state impound in California.

The Internet – If you’d have invented the Internet, do you think you’d have named it the Internet or something else? And if you would have named it something else, what would that something else have been?

The internet is just about the best name for it.  I like to call it ‘The Web’.  Maybe I’d have called it the Totem.  ‘Climb the Totem’ instead of ‘Surf the Web.’

Mongrel – Do you have a dog? If you do, what can you tell me about the dog? If you don’t, do you wish you did? (I wish I did.)

Ye I got a dog.  An ex girlfriend of mine called me up one day asking if $300 was too much to spend on my birthday present.  I said knock yourself out thinking here we go PlayStation 3.  It was a small dog.  A chihuahua crossed with an unknown makes some kinda unholy mess.  They were gonna kill him if no one took him.  Put him in a ditch with the others.  His name is Benson and I love him dearly.  He does not love me.  I’m just his brother.

Take Care of Business – My aunt has a friend who makes a new “business card” for herself every day which describes herself in a different way. (They live in New Mexico and meditate a lot, so it probably has something to do with that.) Anyway, if you had to create a business card for yourself right now, what would it say?

Alex Cameron.  Head of Music and Operations.  The Crawfish.

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