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Two of my favorite DJs from  the Trouble & Bass crew,  AC Slater and The Captain are coming back to the District and U Street Music Hall this Thursday (Tonight!). Renowned for decimating audiences far and wide, these two kings of the bassline continue to surprise and impress at each of their DC performances. Read on to hear what they had to say.


BYT: For those readers of BYT that don’t know about you, how would you describe T&B?

T&B: Trouble & Bass is a multi-faceted organization hell-bent on heavy bass world domination. Our arsenal includes a record label, DJ crew, our own branded party, and a t-shirt/merch line. In other words, we’re just a crew trying to have fun playing the music we love and spreading our sound across the globe.

BYT: This was the first year Starscape sold out AND that you guys performed together at the festival. What were your thoughts on the event?

T&B: Starscape was pretty wild and hectic! Being secluded in the middle of a “fort” definitely set the tone for the event. We didn’t arrive until after the sun went down and we were thrown right in the middle of it all. What a great fest! We played right on the beach stage overlooking the water and the bridge and it was a real sight to see the lasers over the water and all the crazy ravers and their props!

BYT: I saw some crazy things go down. Any funny anecdotes of the night that you would like to share with us?

T&B: I think the funniest was when we stopped playing before our last song and asked the whole crowd to chant “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” with us. After that, the whole crew got kicked off our own stage for moshing during Rusko’s set. The Captain and AC Slater’s Benny Hill moment chasing a girl in circles around the DJ booth with a blow-up shark was pretty great too.

BYT: The times I have seen you perform have been at smaller venues. How do you guys manage to translate your show and multiply the energy when you play in bigger spaces?

T&B: That’s something that comes naturally, like getting a milkshake at Johnny Rockets.


BYT: This month at BYT we are all about DC. What is your favorite thing about our nation’s capital?

T&B: They have Nando’s, this Caribbean-type restaurant we are addicted to, and DC is also very clean. And our new favorite thing is Uhall, the club that Will Eastman and Tittsworth opened. We throw a monthly there: the kids come out early to party and get down all night long, even though it’s a Thursday event!

BYT: Have you guys had the chance of doing any touristy things the times you have visited the city?

T&B: Not really… We’ve driven a few of our UK friends by The White House, but we typically don’t get in until the evening and don’t have much time for anything besides eating Nandos, going to 7-11, and getting ready for the night.

BYT: Speaking of tourists… living in New York you guys are surrounded by them. What are some fashion faux-pas you think most tourists make? I’m talking fanny packs and socks with sandals here.

T&B: I don’t know about fashion faux pas, but here’s a tourist faux pas, when they walk four people wide, taking up the whole sidewalk and going really slow. Also, they always standing/blocking any subway stairway or entrance. It’s so awful… and they’re usually ugly!

BYT: Your look and presentation is very dark. Have you guys ever thought of doing something a bit more angelic and completely opposite, perhaps rock a pair of fuzzy pink bunny ears ?

T&B: For Halloween, we were three pink flying pigs. So, i guess once a year we switch it up.


BYT: Very nice. U Street music hall just opened the kitchen, I’m addicted to their grilled cheese. Any favorite comfort foods you would like to share with us?

T&B: Macaroni and cheese.
m&cheese m&cheese

BYT:What should we be expecting from you in the future?

T&B: Many more releases and tours. We’re releasing Drop The Lime’s “Sex Sax” with a music video starring all your favorite Brooklyn characters and 77 Klash’s “Shadow of Death” (he’s also playing our T&B monthly in DC this month). AC Slater’s “Calm Down Trilogy” double pack Serato vinyl. Drop the Lime and AC Slater are doing European, Australian, and Asian tours between now and winter. Star Eyes is going to the west coast in a few weeks. Also, we have further volumes of our Heavy Bass Champions of the World Series coming out this summer, and we’re releasing our t-shirt line with Mishka later this month… and probably so much more I’m forgetting.

BYT: Anything else you would like to share with BYT?

T&B : Bad boys, bad boys, whatchya gon do, whatchya gon do when they come for u.


Check some more details on Facebook event page!