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Somewhere between the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Libertines lies  Electric Tickle Machine. Based in the East Village (E.Vill)- Electric Tickle Machine delivers jangly, blusey, and boozey tunes in a frenzied and often half-naked fury. The band plays the Metro Gallery in Baltimore October 8th (TOMORROW!!!!).

Luckily for you, intern #1 Megan got all weird on these weirdos in the following interview. Bon appetit!- Ed

So this first one isn’t really a question, but just like, tell me everything. I guess that’s a little broad. If you’re not comfortable with telling me everything, tell me how the year 1988 went for you? That’s when I was born. And if you’re not comfortable indulging me with information regarding my birth year, why don’t you just tell me about the tour? Are you so excited? I am.

hi this is tom from electric tickle machine. we have been a band for a year and were all making solo music before we joined forces (except for clark whose very footsteps are symphonic in their own right). we just pressed our first record, “Blew it Again” and we leave in 2 days for our first american tour. we are frothing like the gums of a rabid rotweiller.

our everything is somewhat simple. we play music that is an extension of our american-grown surrenderism which is in itself a pragmatic reaction to our nihilistic deductions. we tell ourselves to be right now now and are both puzzled and intrigued by the color and shape of the lumbering, technicolor beast whose blood we sip through designer straws.

What are you wearing right now?

i’m wearing a tshirt my sister gave me. it has a drawing of a pigeon, rat and squirrel palling about with the caption “tri-state wildlife sactuary.”

Have you ever had to sneeze while you’ve been performing? What about hiccups? What do you do in that situation? If you said no, have you prepared at all for this scenario? If not, I think you probably should. Anything is possible.

i’ve never had to sneeze. i’ve worried about having to cough but i think the adrenaline takes care of that. i honestly can’t remember the last time i had the hiccups. i do remember a story on oprah about a man who started hiccuping the day he got married and they continued for some ridiculous amount of time like three years. listen to your body is that moral of that story as i see it.

Are you guys still reading slash answering these questions? Okay good. So this next one is a really tricky one, because I am going to ask you to make up your own question and then answer it. It’s an opportunity for you to say what you’ve always wanted to but haven’t been able to since no one has asked you before.

can you recommend a book?

“geek love” by catherine dunn. it’s a fictional account of the founding family of a traveling carnival of freaks. it’s gorgeous.

If you were to take me on a date (don’t worry, I’m attractive in a non-threatening way) where would we go? And in the reverse, what would your dream date scenario be? Like, who would you want to take you on a date (besides me, obviously) and what would you guys do? Build sandcastles in the sky? *Hint: that is what I would want to do on our date…

i would take you to the internet…. sit you in a nice chat room and LOL your face off dot com.

On that note, which of you guys is the best in the sack? Who is the worst? Are you lying? I hope not, this is serious.

i haven’t done the proper research to answer that one.

What’s your band mascot? Do you have one? Are you thinking about getting one? What would it be? So many questions, I know.

a white angora rabbit.

I like your website. Are you planning to build a pyramid like that on the moon? Have you considered the gravitational setbacks of
implementing a project like that? Also, side note, the moon is and has been moving away from Earth for quite some time now. It has moved 60 cm away from Earth since I was born. One day in 4 billion years it’s just going to peace out entirely. And then the average Earth day will last (are you ready for this?) 45 days! Think about that.

we aim to be the first band to play on the moon. good to know there’s a 4 billion year window.


What is a magical and/or mystical creature that you wish was for real? /what magical and/or mystical creature have you been told is nonexistent but really you’ve just never seen yet because it’s so elusive and magical?

the love of my life

If you could have a robot, like any robot at all, what would it do for you? (This is a trick question. Everyone knows that robots will be the downfall of society. Robots and Dakota Fanning. <—those are synonymous, by the way…)

carry our amps. .

Do you guys have any weird allergies that ruin your life? I don’t yet, but I sometimes feel that one day I’ll become allergic to nuts or something I really love eating. Or maybe be allergic to a person I really admire. Like I’d finally get to meet Lionel Richie and realize I’m allergic, and my life would subsequently be ruined.

no but it sounds like that would be once, twice, three times a malady for you. wonka wonka.

Thanks for (maybe) answering all/some of these questions. You are all invited to my birthday party on January 9th. You think I’m joking but I am so serious.

as anyone in my band can attest, i love birthday parties.  seriously.   thanks for the questions.

Want more:
Internet socialize here: http://www.myspace.com/electricticklemachine
and check them out at Metro Gallery tomorrow