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From the days of seeing him grinning from ear to ear up on stage to standing next to him in the Erol’s Video check out line right up until becoming the huge admirer of his design chops as well as his songwriting skills that I am today – talking to Mark Robinson is always a joy. In eager anticipation of the Teenbeat 26th Anniversary extravaganza this Saturday at the one and only Black Cat, we had a chance to needle him for an answer or eight once again. Enjoy.

(For the record, despite a great deal of pestering on my part, I have been unable to pry a treasured Teenbeat catalog number for any of these chats.)

I love that this time the anniversary shows are more of a barnstorming tour up and down the coast. More like an old r+b/soul revue type of thing. Soooo in the spirit of being the MC like Danny Ray during the James Brown tours, shout out a few words to describe everyone on the bill:

Patrick Bryant:

The master of ceremonies and all around reader of all complaints in and around Somerville, Massachusetts.

Jonny Cohen:

A genius and philosopher walking among us and not getting noticed.


The Orson Welles of ’60s garage and ’70s disco, straight from Montreal via Vancouver.


The original trio from Albuquerque, USA. Indie garage girl group mayhem.


From Detroit Rock City, the one, the only…

Unrest (83-86):

Founding TeenBeat board member and Wakefield High School alum Tim Moran.

Unrest (88-89):

He played with Flowers of Discipline, Sexual Milkshake and Eggs, Teen-Beat’s own resident studio musician, Mr. Dave Park.

Unrest (now bitches):

You loved her screaming on the “Catchpellet EP”, so we brought Bridget Cross in to play the bass guitar. The lady from Riverdale MD and Maybe It’s Reno.

Seriously – some bands are gracing us for the first time in quite a while. How excited should we be for some Rondelles and Bossanova live?

(Assume an emphatic nod and smile.)

Why do you think a lot of the bands have been reuniting around these anniversary shows?

Because I asked. It never hurts to ask, though of course these were just the bands that said yes.

Are you still doing the Teenbeat banquets or is that impossible with everyone so spread out? Teenbeat brunches maybe?

We’re thinking of “linner” or “dunch” or perhaps even “leakfast”.

If you could only spray paint one thing gold – what would it be?

I’ve used many a can of silver spray paint in my day, but I save the gold to make the gold records for the Teen-Beat banquets.

Super random – why do people insist that because they like Rush that you should too? That happens to me way too often.

I feel like all through high school the conversations went like this: “The ultimate band: Neal Peart on drums, Eddie Van Halen lead guitar, John entwistle bass, Robert Plant vocals…” I never heard Robert Fripp, Fred Frith, or Guy Picciotto.

Do you think John Masters could have ridden his video fame into at least a third tier role in a boy band had he kept his hair blonde?

Wait, it’s not blonde anymore? I’m so dissapointed.

More importantly, is The Cult’s “Fire Woman” the one song that offers far and away the least amount of enjoyment in conjunction with the frequency with which it is played?

(Assume an emphatic nod and frown.)

What’s your favorite radio jingle of all-time?

Current fave: Take route 28 to the Clam Bar sign, for the happiest eating from noon ’till nine.

The one thing you miss the most about DC? (You can say me – it’s okay to let it all hang out.)

Family. (Not the TV show).


Yeah – enough – see you Saturday!

Definitely, thanks!

Check out the stellar line up S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night at the Black Cat and always bookmark the ol’ teenbeat web presence. Be there squares.