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DC’s very own Supersystem (formerly El Guapo on Dischord Records) has called it quits after 10 years of experimental dance music. 
DC’s very own Tease (formerly Electrotease at Club Five) has called it quits after 4 years of experimental dance music.    

Together these quitters are gonna throw a little party on Saturday, Feb 3rd @ DC9. I had a quick chat with guitarist and least-weird ex-member, Rafael Cohen about what’s next, his DJ skills, and um… cyborgs and stuff.

BYT: So, besides the totally awesome upcoming DJ night at Tease on Feb 3rd, any projects, shows, instructional videos you’d like to shamelessly self promote?  What’s this I hear about teaming up with Molly from Out Hud?

RC: Well… I’m just starting to work on some solo stuff now, but there’s not much to say about it. As for molly’s stuff, she’s been recording stuff for a while now and i’ve been playing on it too and it’s going to get mixed and made nice next month, so perhaps there will be some news on that front soon…

BYT: Looking forward to it. So, I hid in my closet and cried for days like a little school girl when I heard Supersystem broke up (not true, but I was bummed [ok, it is true]), you guys definitely had something special going on there, both live and on record.  And I don’t mean retard special.  I mean A Million Microphones clocked in at #11 for my fav records of the year special. 

RC: Top eleven? I’d say top five at least….

BYT: Easy partner, you had a lot of stiff competition this year. So what the hell happened?  Feel free to make it more dramatic than it really was for our controversy loving readers.

RC: ahhhhh what the hell happened…. I’m still sorting it out myself…. I guess I’ll just say once the wheels started to come off the whole thing fell apart pretty quickly…. as for drama, it was very 21st century, acted out over cell phones and email…

BYT: Moving on. If you had to choose an affliction for the rest of your life, which would it be – pissing silly string or farting confetti?  Take some time to really think this one out.

RC: Pissing silly string. it’s more for pranks and less for celebrating….

BYT: Good man. What kind of stuff can we expect to hear on Feb 3rd?  How often are you DJing these days?  Any new tunes we should check out?

RC: I don’t DJ very often or have many pretensions of being a real crate diggin’ beat matching DJ… i think this will be the fourth time i’ve DJ’d in the last six months… you can expect to hear some house and disco… good things to dance to… no b.s. and no dance remixes of indie hits…

BYT: Perfect, we never expect our rock star DJ’s to beat match 🙂

Rate the members of the El Guapo/Supersystem in order of weirdness, #1 being the biggest weirdo:

1. justin
2. pete
3. josh
4. me

The straight guy with the drag act gets first every time… as for me… call me Norm Normalson I’m so normal…

(He is referring to Edie Sedgwick, Justin’s side project, performing tonight at the Black Cat!)

BYT: So Norm, you’re living in NYC now right?  What do you miss, if anything, about DC?  If I’m mistaken and you’re not living in NYC anymore, pretend you are, and answer the question.

NN: I live in NYC indeed.  I miss dc often.  Mostly hangin’ whether with friends or with my family, also being able to watch redskins and wizards games on tv easily…

BYT: When’s the Supersystem reunion tour?  You can get Out Hud to open.  Sweet!

NN: I think the Out Hud reunion will happen before the Supersystem one does! I feel like certain members of our band would be dogmatically opposed to reuniting… that said…. and you heard it here first….. when the late-90’s/early 00’s dance rock scene becomes fetishized and hip again in 2020 or something, supersystem will ascend to it’s rightful place upon the throne of the genre, then we’ll reunite for like a million dollars, or pounds, and the human/cyborg audience will love it like nothing they’ve seen before…

BYT: Sounds like a beautiful plan. Thanx Norm, looking forward to this Sat.

NN: No prob, Norm out.