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Stellastar* is playing

a at the rock’n’roll hotel today February 13th.

Since the band has been one of our favorite DC visitors in 2005(DJing and playing many a show and venue in our nation’s capital) and have since signed on with RCA and embarked on a major touring schedule, we decided to sit down with them(or should we say communicate with them through wonders of internet technology)and pose a few question in preparation for the tonight’s festivites

BYT:First off, besides the upcoming concert at Rock & Roll Hotel, do you have any new projects, gigs, home shopping network products , etc. you’d like to shamelessly self-promote?

Shawn: I sold a screenplay to Fox Searchlight recently, but it won’t come out
for two years, so I’m shamelessly wasting this self-promotion thing.

BYT:We will remember to mention it in 2 years, we promise.
You have played in DC, and had an after party as well as a DJ gig at DC9 for Tease. What is the thing that surprised you the most about the nation’s capital./and what do you remember most about these shows.

Shawn: Nothing surprises me anymore about different cities. However, I did
damn near killed myself eating three jumbo slices in this town once.


BYT:Where are the best crowds? Who gets stellastarr* best and why?

Shawn: It’s called Dundee, Scotland. And there must be some magical, mystical crack-cocaine in their water.

BYT: The last show you played in DC was at the 9.30 club. Now you are moving to a slightly more intimate venue. What is the main difference between smaller and bigger shows and do you have a preference?

Shawn:Smaller shows = more sweat and energy.

BYT: DC can always use more sweat. That’s for sure.
Onto more probing questions. So many of our readers are part of an independent music scene or other. The big vs. small/independent label topic of conversation is a constant. What do you feel RCA was able to do for you that a smaller label couldn’t.

Shawn:Well, their reach goes worldwide, but we didn’t benifit much differently in America than we could with another small label.

BYT:How does it feel to be major record label signed now and facing all those “whatever did you possibly need to do to get this” snarky comments?

Shawn: We are no longer on RCA, and it they signed us up fairly quickly.

BYT:( example by anonymous source:”Did you have to suck one or both of
Carson Daly’s balls to get signed?….Did you have to sign your names in blood or semen? Etc….)

Shawn: Lol. How’d they find out?

BYT:A review has not been written about one of your records without name dropping some seminal post punk new wave band as an influence. Which bands do you not mind being compared to (hint:The Cure) and which grate on
your nerves (hint: Hot Hot Heat)

Shawn: I don’t read reviews. But, in general, getting compared to bands that came out after you is sort of comical.

BYT: Speaking of which, is there a cover you are dying to do and are you the kind that takes (non free-bird) requests at shows?

Shawn: We did a cover of ‘Wish you were Here’ once. But in the future, Iwould like to do a cover of ‘play with fire’ by the Rolling Stones.(I think that’s it’s title).

BYT:Which brings us to… We love the new track “Warchild” which is available for a listen at your Myspace page, any info on when the new material will be released? As the masses await with baited breath.

Shawn: Maybe by year’s end.

BYT:How much new vs. old material can DC therefore expect to hear on the 13th?

Shawn: Five new songs, maybe? It’s different every night.

BYT:Here at BYT we are readying up for Valentine’s day like there’s no tomorrow.(even if it is Tomorrow) And we love lists. So, obviously: favorite love/hate songs, yours and others?

Shawn: Best hate song of all time is Bob Dylan’s Positively 4th Street’. Love Songs?… Ummmm… ‘Suzanne’ by Leonard Cohen.

BYT: “Suzanne” Makes us cry every time. Thank you for your time and good luck on the 13th.