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Okay so this was kind of my dream interview…Perez Hilton is just about the only “news” I read on a daily basis. (It’s good to know that I’m well-versed in celebrity feuds and scandals and have relatively no idea what’s actually going on outside Hollywood. Very reassuring.) I have to admit, it took all my strength to stay on topic during the interview. If I’d had it my way, I would’ve mostly just asked him inappropriate and totally irrelevant questions. However, I was (mostly) good, and Mr. Hilton and I chatted primarily about his tour featuring Ladyhawke and Ida Maria (among other impressive headliners) which is scheduled to make a stop in DC this Saturday September 12th. We also talked about our dogs, his new blog CocoPerez, and his new record label Perezcious Music. And I may or may not have extended him a permanent invitation to all of my birthday parties every January 9th for the rest of our lives. I say ‘our’ lives because I don’t know who’ll live longer. Probably him, but my fingers are still crossed. *Note to self: Stop inviting people to your birthday party, it’ll make it all the more disappointing when the only attendee is your dog, who probably would’ve made other plans had she realized it was your birthday party in the first place. Okay let’s get to it:


Perez: (Heavy breathing)

BYT: Perez?

Perez: Yes?

BYT: Oh hey how’s it going?

Perez: Good, how are you?

BYT: Good, good. So how’s your dog Teddy doing?

Perez: He’s great, it was his birthday on Friday and I got him this really big painting…which, you know, it was pretty much just for me, but he loved his new toy and his new big bone.

BYT: My dog Bailey has a really big crush on Teddy. She told me not to tell you, but I told you anyway.

Perez: Well my dog Teddy has a crush on Ashley Tisdale’s dog Maui.

BYT: Oh my gosh, really? That’s so cute! Dog love. (What I am really thinking is, wow Perez, what am I supposed to tell Bailey now? You want me to just break her heart like that? Am I going to have to go Tonya Harding on Maui’s ass???)


Perez: Yeah.

BYT: So let’s talk about the tour.

Perez: Like, based in DC or internationally?

BYT: Well, both, but I guess let’s talk about DC first.

Perez: Well DC’s the first show that Frankmusik is on, so that’s going to be exciting. And also I’m going to be at the DC concert so I’m excited for that too, and I’m actually going to be in DC on Friday night which is a night off, so I’ll hopefully get to go around town and explore the city a little bit. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Yesterday I spent the entire day filming some videos for the tour, and it’s really going to be very special. Like, every artist on the lineup is really amazing, and none of it is, you know, it’s all fun, up, party music.


BYT: Yeah, definitely. And so how do you hear about new artists?

Perez: I listen to everything that’s sent to me. I don’t read any music magazines, I don’t read any music blogs, I just listen to what my readers suggest. And thankfully they know that I love music and they get a sense for what I like or what I would like and they send a lot of suggestions. And, you know, a lot of it is just crap, but every once in a while you come across something really special.

BYT: Yeah, well I think that’s actually how I first heard about Yelle, you know, from your website, and I’m absolutely obsessed.

Perez: Yeah, she’s awesome.

BYT: So as far as the tour goes, how did you kind of put the headliners together? Did you do that or did they come to you?

Perez: No, I did it, I did it. It all happened very organically, you know, this is kind of an evolution and a natural progression of what I’ve already been doing. I’ve been very fortunate to create this series of events across the world called “One Night In”. I’ve done it in Austin twice for SXSW, I’ve done it in New York for CMJ…you know, at SXSW I’ve had everyone from Yelle perform to Robyn and N.E.R.D. and Kanye West. And at CMJ last year I had Lady Gaga perform. And these events have mainly just been industry events or invite-only or you could win a ticket only. But now, people can actually buy them and we’re taking it on the road all over America, and I would think a lot of towns and places might not normally get to see a really cool bill and lineup like this with really varied acts that are all equally amazing. And it took a lot of time because I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I had to work for it but I am so thrilled that it’s finally happening. And I hope everybody comes, and I get it. You know, I know people either like me or loathe me. There’s very little in-between. But, I hope people can get over the fact that it’s me that put this together and can come and enjoy it because the bands are that good. And you should come out and support them because you’ll have a great time, and also you might discover someone who you might not have been aware of before, and you’ll think, wow that person is amazing!

BYT: Yeah, I’m still trying to decide if I want to come home to DC for it or if I want to go to Chicago…I’m in Ohio right now and it’s sort of right smack in the middle.

Perez: Well Chicago will be the first show that Sliimy’s on, so that will be exciting too. He’ll be the first artist on my record label.

BYT: Yeah and tell me more about the record label.

Perez: Well it’s called Perezcious Music, and like the tour I’d been wanting to do it for a long time. I had to work work work for it, have a lot of meetings with people, have a lot of doors shut in my face. But finally it happened, and I think I was just able to prove to, you know, the record industry that I was a player in the field who knew what he was talking about. And, you know, I’m coming from the right place. It’s not a vanity project for me. It’s something that I think I’ll do really well at and I’m really passionate about. I’ve always been passionate about music; it’s how I interpret the world.

BYT: Tell me a little bit more about Sliimy, because he’s fairly up-and-coming, right?

Perez: Yeah, I discovered him through a reader. Late last year somebody sent me a link to his cover of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” and I instantly loved it. And then we began the process of trying to see if we could get him to America to work on the album here and all that stuff and we were able to do it. And you know, I can’t think of a single other French artist singing in English who’s releasing an album in America and getting this much attention.

BYT: Yeah, that’s awesome. And you also just launched CocoPerez also…you’re just full of projects, Perez, this is crazy.

Perez: I know, I’m very busy! But I love it, I love being busy and I love what I do. I feel really lucky because a lot of people don’t, and I’m so happy.

BYT: And so how is CocoPerez going? Because you just launched that, right?

Perez: So well! I’m having so much fun working on it because it really has opened this whole other world of possibility. People are really enjoying it, too, from what I’m hearing.

BYT: So how does that work, then? Do the blogs overlap at all?

Perez: Well, I try not to, you know…before I may have written on PerezHilton.com something that now would go on CocoPerez, but now it’ll just mainly go on CocoPerez. And if it’s something that’s really really relevant, I’ll, you know, link to it from PerezHilton.com to tell people to check it out on CocoPerez.

BYT: And you’re so fashionable…I looked at your pictures from last night on Twitter.

Perez: Yeah! I mean like, I wouldn’t say I’m “fashionable”, but I would say looking “fierce”. I like having fun with fashion. I think I looked good but I don’t know if I looked fashionable. I love what I did with my hair, I was having a lot of fun with the hair, I love my shades, and I had these really cool chains underneath that you couldn’t really see. But it was just fun. It was a great show.

BYT: So do you have any crazy hair plans for the future?

Perez: I do have some really cool ideas that I want to execute for the MTV Video Music Awards.


BYT: Yeah? Is it top secret?

Perez: I can’t tell you anything. It’s a surprise!

BYT: Okay, well, we’ll look forward to that one, then. And I guess getting back to the music aspect, do you have like a workout playlist? Like, do you work out? How much do you bench?

Perez: I work out five days a week. Actually, I work out more than five days a week. Now, recently, I’ve been working out ten times a week.

BYT: That is ridiculous!

Perez: Yeah. I work out Monday thru Friday, and then I’ve been doing an additional twenty to twenty-five minutes of cardio Monday thru Thursday nights, plus cardio on Saturdays. So I really want to take it up a notch and get even more progress.

BYT: It just amazes me that you’re able to balance all of that. Like, I can’t even balance one thing at a time. That’s incredible.

Perez: Well I don’t have a life during the week. So Monday thru Thursday all I do is work work work work work. And then on weekends I still work but I allow myself to have a life. And that’s fine, because I don’t mind working. I love working. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing anything.

BYT: So I realize I’m bouncing back and forth between music and fashion right now, but would you like to enlighten us with any trends for the fall?

Perez: Well I definitely foresee a fall of GaGa, but it’s actually the spring/summer collections that they’re going to be showing in September. So it’ll be a spring of GaGa next year. I really think that a lot of the designers are going to, or have already been, influenced by her. Gaultier’s most recent show in Paris SCREAMED GaGa. So I would not be surprised if a lot of the shows in New York next month were very GaGa inspired, too.


BYT: So you’re like, really good friends with Lady GaGa, huh?

Perez: Yeah.

BYT: Who do we NOT like in the music scene right now?

Perez: I would say Selena Gomez, the little Disney girl trying to make it now. And I’m like, not every Disney star needs to release music, okay?!? Like, it just doesn’t have to happen. And I don’t like her song. Ughhh.

BYT: And how about Miley?

Perez: You know, I’ve been loving Miley recently. I’ve got the new album which comes out this coming week and it’s really good in a guilty pleasure kind of way. I love that “Party In The USA” song.


BYT: Oh my god so do I, I can’t help it, it’s so good.

Perez: (Singing) “It’s a party in the you-ess-ayeeeee!” I love it!

BYT: And are there any other musicians you’d tell us to watch out for that you maybe haven’t blogged about yet?

Perez: Well I’m very very excited about all the other artists I’m working with that I can’t announce just yet, but who’ve been signed to my label and who we’re going to be releasing stuff from. It’s just so exciting to know that I have discovered the hottest people on the planet. Like I’ve got the next Justin Timberlake, I’ve got the next pop diva as well, I’ve got the next, you know, quirky female singer/songwriter. They’re all really varied and amazing. And I love them all and I just can’t wait to share them with the world.

BYT: That’s really exciting, we’ll definitely look out for that. Oh, and by the way, what’s your favorite Ladyhawke song? I forgot to ask you that.

Perez: “Paris Is Burning” because I think it was the first one that I heard and it… BYT: It’s killer, it’s killer. Have you heard the French version? I’m sure you have…

Perez: No, I didn’t know there was a French one!

BYT: Yeah, she re-did it in French and it absolutely blows the other one out of the water. So you should definitely check that out.

Perez: Cool.

BYT: And what are you looking forward to doing in DC? Hanging out with Obama, obviously…

Perez: Ummmm, no…I’m not his biggest fan.

BYT: Yeah, you’ve made that pretty clear on the website.

Perez: I want to go to the gay bars. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gay bar in DC. So I don’t even know where to go! But I’m sure I won’t have any trouble finding my way around! (Laughs)


Absolutely make sure to check out the Ladyhawke/Ida Maria show with Semi Precious Weapons and Frankmusik Saturday night at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are still available and $20 a pop. Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of the Queen of Gossip as he’ll be in attendance.