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In an ongoing effort to reach out to the youth of today, we did a Panic (no exclamation point anymore) at the Disco interview with Brendon Urie, the lead singer, to preview their show at DAR Constitution Hall tonight. Several PR proof reads and punctuation changes later, this is what we ended up with.


BYT: So let’s start off with a question that’s been burning on a lot of people’s minds: what’s with all the songs about weddings?

BYT: Yeah, on your last album there were several references to weddings, marriage, affairs. I think it just struck people my age as curious that 18 and 19 year olds would have so much interest in bridesmaids and waiters gossiping at receptions.
BU:I haven’t thought about it that much. Ryan writes most of our lyrics so I guess you’d have to ask him. I know a lot of his songs are about personal things. His dad was sick for a long time and died when we were on our first tour. But some songs are you know…just songs about nothing…or I guess just imagination.

BYT: What are the songs on your new album about? I haven’t heard it.
BU:Different stuff, nothing in particular. No weddings though.

BYT: Well, your last album had a very big sound – some electronic, some cabaret – but all of it very big. Is this one a lot different?
BU:It’s got a lot of orchestra on it. We wanted to do something different and interesting to us. But I think our fans will still really like it.

BYT: You recorded some of in London, right? What was that like?
BU:I liked London.

BYT: Anything specifically?
BU:The people were cool. I hadn’t really traveled very much when we weren’t on tour so it was cool to spend some time in a new city.

BYT: Your first album was recorded in College Park, Maryland. So I imagine this was more fun?

BU:Yeah, there was nothing to do in College Park. Nothing at all.

BYT: Well, D.C. isn’t too far from College Park and there’s tons of stuff to do here. Did you go out in D.C. at all?
BU:No. We just stayed in the studio and recorded.

BYT: I think you’ve spawned a lot of imitators. Young kids with emo bands with really long song titles. And let’s be honest – most of them aren’t gonna make it. What’s your advice to young(er) bands?
BU:Just keep playing. I think we’re a lot better now than we used to be just from practice. If you enjoy it then you’ll probably keep doing it. I mean, look, I know we’re really lucky and we’ve had success and that’s not the typical experience. I feel like people should know that too.

BYT: How about your stage show? Has that changed? You had a big carnival or maybe circus atmosphere with performers and dancing girls.
BU:We’ve scaled back our live show a lot. It will still have a lot of fun elements but we’re more focused on the music and less on the stage show. We’re not wearing the ridiculous eye makeup anymore either.

BYT: A sad day for all of us. I, for one, enjoyed the dancing girls and the eye makeup and that much-maligned exclamation point. But, hey, things change. See the less exclamatory but still fun Panic at the Disco tonight at Constitution Hall.