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DC area native Maggie Horn (singer/songwriter/DJ extraordinaire, and one half of the not-quite-remix-not-quite-cover duo Telephoned) will be performing at The Red and The Black this Saturday night. Following her move to NYC, Horn dove into the music scene headfirst and she hasn’t looked back since. I was able to catch up with her briefly yesterday morning to talk about her plans for this historic weekend (it’s her first time performing in DC), how she got involved with Good Peoples and Sammy Bananas, and her future plans.


BYT: So you’ll be in DC on Saturday…and you’re from the area I hear?

MH: Yeah, I grew up in Woodbridge and I lived in DC for about five years.

BYT: Cool, cool. So what made you want made you want to move up to NYC?

MH: Just to pursue music and to be inspired by a bunch of different people, and because, you know, I had been living in the area for so long that I needed a little bit of change.

BYT: Yeah definitely. And so did you know Katie of Good Peoples before you moved up there?

MH: No, I did not. It just so happens that we grew up about twenty minutes from each other!

BYT: That’s so funny! How’d you end up getting involved with Good Peoples, then?

MH: Well Katie and I have known each other for…I would say about four or five years now, and we just kind of met through other people and being out and about. And then she booked me to DJ a party…my first party that I’d actually DJ’d out after doing a radio show. And she kind of decided she wanted to take me on as manager and we’ve been working together ever since.


BYT: Now as far as DJing goes, what’s kind of the balance you’ve got going on? Because you’ve got a lot of things going on between collaborations and DJing and Telephoned and all that…how do you kind of balance all of that?

MH: Well singing and making music is absolutely my top priority, but I definitely do enjoy DJing a lot.

BYT: Right. Now how did you end up getting together with Sammy Bananas for Telephoned? Like how did you meet?

MH: Well, Sammy and I knew each other just from the scene and from making music, and he actually took a lot of interest in working with me after I did this track with this guy Curses/Drop the Lime. And so he approached me and we got to talking about doing “Can’t Believe It”, kind of as a fluke, and then he ended up making the beat. And so we tried it out and we just worked really well together, and that song started getting played on Power 105 out in LA, and we just figured we’d give another one a shot. And things just sort of took on a life of their own.


BYT: Yeah it’s pretty cool how quickly you guys have blown up…I think I first heard you back in June on RCRD LBL, probably “Turn My Swag On”. And you’ve just released your first EP a month ago I guess? How’s that been doing?

MH: Yes, it dropped I think like…January 17th? Yeah?

BYT: And that’s been doing well with reviews and everything, right?

MH: Yeah! The response has been really, honestly, overwhelmingly good. Pitchfork gave us a good review…they gave us a 7, they had not a bad word to say about us. And yeah, we’re just building from there.

BYT: That’s great! Now for the future, is there anyone you’d absolutely love to work with that you haven’t previously?

MH: Well, you know, the usual suspects I would say probably…like Switch and Diplo. Umm…Fred Falke, absolutely.

BYT: That would be amazinggg…I love his stuff.

MH: Probably DJ Zinc as well.


BYT: Awesome. Now, what were you doing prior to this? I mean, music is obviously really important to you, but when did you kind of get your start or realize that you just loved music? Was it a childhood thing?

MH: Yeah it has always been my dream ever since I was a little girl. And so basically for several years after I left college…I went to college for like a year and a half, but when I dropped out I just didn’t do anything about it because I was too…afraid? (laughs) Because it was the only thing that I knew I wanted to do. And I was kind of afraid that if I tried it and it didn’t work out then I would have no idea what I was going to do. But then obviously I realized that it’s not going to happen for me if I don’t try, so I just kind of jumped in about a year or two after I moved to New York, and I’ve been working steadily since.

BYT: Yeah that’s cool…I actually watched that little video of you on Vimeo talking about how everything is just sort of there and you just have to reach out and grab it, which I think is absolutely true. Now, is this going to be your first time coming back to the DC area in a performance way?

MH: Yes. It is absolutely my first performance in DC.

maggie horn

BYT: That’s awesome! So are you excited about that? Are you going to hit up any old hangouts?

MH: Absolutely! I’m really excited about it. I’m going to dinner with a bunch of girls I haven’t seen in ages…my brother still lives in the area and he has never seen me perform, so he’s coming out. So yeah, it should be really cool.

BYT: Awesome! Well we’re super excited to have you!

MH: Yay! Thanks, I’m excited!

Want more? Catch Maggie at The Red and The Black this Saturday with Lil’ El and resident DJs Ratt Moze, Chris Nitti & Philip Goyette. Show is 21+, doors open at 9:00PM, and tickets are just $6. In the meantime, give her a listen here, and get Maggie Horn’s Values.com Mixtape via THE CULTURE OF ME, as well as Telephoned’s Off the Hook Mixtape via RCRD LBL. So good!