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So after this interview I really want to hang out with Ida Maria like all the time. She was awesome on the phone and totally full of energy. The interview was actually pretty brief because about halfway through something happened to the signal and she couldn’t hear me anymore (I could still hear her). It’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to having a song written for and/or about me since she spent a solid forty-five seconds singing ‘hello?’ until the call was reconnected. Before the technical difficulties we talked all about her tour and her awesomely amazing synesthesia which I am incredibly envious of. I have to say, transcribing the dialogue was not the easiest task…her accent and my speakerphone kind of hated each other. But here is what I got:

Ida Maria

BYT: Hey Ida, how’s it going?

Ida Maria: It’s very, very good. It’s awesome. How are you?

BYT: I’m good, but that thirty second ringback where I had to wait for them to connect you was terrible…they played this song that’s really probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard. You should tell them to change it!

Ida Maria: Oh, I’m sorry!

BYT: So are you excited? Because the tour starts tonight, right?

Ida Maria: Yeah! Are you from Washington?

Ida Maria2

BYT: Yeah, I’m from DC.

Ida Maria: Cool, cool.

BYT: I’m kind of mad because I’m going to be missing the concert. I’m actually in Ohio right now, so…

Ida Maria: Oh no!

BYT: I know! I’m going to Chicago this weekend, so I’ll miss the one in DC this weekend AND the one in Chicago next weekend.

Ida Maria: Don’t go to Chicago!

BYT: I know, I should just go back to DC. Or just go to Chicago next weekend.

Ida Maria: Yeah.


BYT: So how were you approached to do the tour? Did Perez approach you about that?

Ida Maria: Yeah, Perez asked me if I wanted to do this tour, and I said I’d love to. You know, it’s such a cool thing to have two female acts headlining.

BYT: Yeah that’s really cool.

Ida Maria: Which I really like, you know?

BYT: What do you think of Ladyhawke?

Ida Maria: Oh, she’s awesome. She’s fabulous, she’s really talented. And she writes the songs that, you know, they just kind of haunt you a bit and then you realize and say, ‘Oh, that was this song, I have to go back and listen to it.’ It’s really good music. Quality.

BYT: I know, I think it’s going to be a really fun, fun tour.

Ida Maria: Yeah.


BYT: And so what kinds of things can we expect from you live? Like, what do you enjoy about performing? What happens when you’re on stage?

Ida Maria: Well, we kind of…we’re all very…we’re musicians, and we play with our hearts and our bodies. And I think for us, especially for me, it’s about using the stage. It’s not so much about fancy stuff onstage or, you know, fancy equipment or anything. You know, it’s pretty much like a rock or punk setup. But we put all of our soul and all of our energy into it. And it tends to become quite explosive. Some people must be terrified! Some people are scared. And other people just throw themselves into it like it’s the last thing that happens on the planet! Which is exactly what we love about playing, you know?


BYT: So do you go crowd surfing a lot?

Ida Maria: Yeah, I’ll crowd surf, but it’s never really planned. We just kind of go for it.

BYT: And so you have synesthesia, right? Where you see colors when you hear music?

Ida Maria: Yeah.

BYT: What’s that like? It sounds awesome, I wish I had that.

Ida Maria: Well, you should take LSD, you know? Drop LSD and that’s pretty much the brain function that’s similar to synesthesia. My senses are kind of drawn together. It’s like my brain goes kind of cross-wire in a way.

BYT: So is it like, different colors for different kinds of music?

Ida Maria: Yeah, it’s all a big range of different shades and different colors and different shapes and different patterns for each song and each noise.

BYT: That’s so cool…god that is so cool. And so when you’re writing your music how do you come up with your lyrics? Because you’re from Norway so you primarily speak Norwegian, right?

Ida Maria: Yeah.

BYT: So do you think of lyrics in Norwegian first, or English, or it depends, or…how does that work?

Ida Maria: Well I think in English. Because I kind of have to. You know, if I was going to pursue a career in folk music in Norway, I’d sing in Norwegian. But I want my music to be heard everywhere, and I think people deserve to understand what I’m singing about. So that’s why I speak in English; English is my second language and it comes very naturally.

BYT: I was reading your bio on your website, and it’s a very fancy bio that you’ve got going on there! And it says at one point that you are like “a raging storm one moment, and a blinding ray of sunshine the next”. So should I maybe carry and umbrella to your concert? Some sunglasses?

Ida Maria: (Laughs) I don’t know if you need an umbrella…I don’t think that will be necessary.


BYT: Right, no, yeah. I’m kidding. (kind of…) So have you ever been to DC before?

Ida Maria: Yeah, I’ve been there once and it was fantastic! I didn’t get to see the White House, I wish we did.

BYT: Yeah so what are you going to do this time? Any big plans? Are you going to go hang out with Obama?

Ida Maria: Oh, yes, I love Obama! He’s my biggest hero right now. I watched his speech yesterday and I was like, sitting there with an American flag and waving it all over the place. I’m going to get a t-shirt that I’m going to wear to every concert. So I’m really looking forward to going to Washington, it’s going to be awesome. It’s going to kick ass.

BYT: Any messages for the people of Washington DC?

Ida Maria: Keep the good things going. You are the heart of America and you’re doing swell! (Laughs)

BYT: Good message, good message. Well thanks so much for this interview, and I’m sorry I won’t catch either of your concerts. I’m bummed. But maybe we’ll be like best friends in three years or something and we’ll hang out all the time.

Ida Maria: Yeah.

BYT: Probably.

Ida Maria: Yeah, that’ll be awesome.

Want more? Check out Ida Maria tomorrow night at  with Ladyhawke, Semi Precious Weapons and Frankmusik at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are still available for $20 each. Doors open at 8:00 PM.