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enon This time on BYT Interviews we’re having a little chat with Enon’s John Schmersal. Formerly the guitarist for the late great Brainiac, John formed Enon in 1999, whose current roster includes Toko Yasuda (Blonde Redhead) and Matt Schulz (The Lab Partners). They’ve put out a string of highly acclaimed indie/dance/electro/pop/noise albums and will be doing a live set at Garutachi this weekend at the Rock & Roll Hotel, along with DJ Matt Safer of The Rapture. These guys put on a fun show and are totally adorable, should be a good time.

BYT: First off, besides the upcoming party at Rock & Roll Hotel, do you have any new projects, gigs, poetry books, etc you’d like to shamelessly self-promote?

JS: Matt our drummer plays from time to time with this new electronic band from Canada called Holy Fuck. He is also playing with this band called The Boggs, you should check them both out.

BYT: Holy Fuck is the best band name ever. Well… maybe not *the* best, but it’s pretty great. So DC native Mattie Safer of The Rapture is also DJing on the 16th. Who would win in a fight between Enon and The Rapture? Be honest.

JS: A fight? I don’t think we could just fight. That would be uncivilized. Enon would first have to declare war on The Rapture. Or vice versa… then? Then after much strategy and calculation, we would tear them into even smaller pieces of the people they love… that is if you are for the war.

BYT: Favorite albums of the moment, new or old, GO!

Gogogo Airheart – Rats Sing Sing
Unwound – Leaves Turn Inside of You
Tokyo Police Club – A Lesson In Crime

BYT: Enon is no stranger to lineup changes, I read somewhere that you were trying to get the band back up to a foursome again – any progress?

JS: We’re still a 3 piece for all practical investigations. We may still be a 3 piece when we play DC, maybe not. Everything is as certain as democracy.

BYT: Where can a DC scenester get a good pair of jeans in Philly?

JS: The answer is as old as the scenester itself. The thrift store. I thought thrift stores were ruined by ebay until I moved here. You have to know which ones are good. And as you know that’s part of the fun of going.

BYT: Thanx for taking the time to talk to the widely acclaimed BYT news team. Please complete this sentence:
“I love BYT more than ______” (examples: the moon and the stars, DCist, or homework)

JS: “I love BYT more than Jesus *and* the Beatles.”

BYT: Blasphemy!


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