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As the founder of a non-profit organization for abused women, Alexyss K. Tylor keeps a busy schedule as a motivational speaker, author and musician. Her work has brought her modest attention in her hometown of Atlanta. Yet, it wasn’t until clips of her former public access television show were placed on sites like YouTube earlier this spring that Tylor found wider notoriety. With internet exposure, Tylor would quickly popularize the term “Vagina Power” along with awareness of the Jackrabbit vibrator and the price point of shrimp at Long John Silver’s.

Tylor’s blunt talk about sexual matters (In a popular clip, Tylor dons a captain’s hat and leather gloves in order to declare herself “the pilot of the pussy!”) has made her the subject of late night comedians, even earning her a mini-obsession from talk show host Carson Daily. In her clips, her language is often frowned upon by her mother, who sits next to Tylor in many episodes. “What drives a woman to…to toys?” her mother disapprovingly asks in one episode. This only prompts Tylor into an in-depth discussion of vibrators, sperm and the sexual heat generated by the penis.

Brightest Young Things recently spoke with Alexyss K. Tylor as she begins work on a studio album in anticipation of a fall tour.

Brightest Young Things: Alexyss, tell us a little bit about your background and how it relates to the development of your theories about vagina power, penis power, sperm power, etc.

Alexyss K. Tylor: My mother, who you see on my show, is an ordained minister. My background is Christian – based on the Bible – but basically non-denominational. My church growing up basically dealt with things such as spirituality, anointing, laying on of hands, prayer and illness and basically the old, Southern Black church. It dealt with a lot of spirituality, mysticism and applied things such as demon casting out services. Basically a very restrictive, very oppressive religion. I grew up in church, and many times religion is used as a cult, trying to oppress people, to suppress, to enslave people’s minds make them ashamed of their sexual desires and sexuality. Condemning bisexuality, homosexuality, fornication and all aspect aspects of sexuality are integrated into spirituality. So, it creates a lot of conflict and pain when you tell people to be ashamed of who they are sexually and not really deal with the issues of sexuality and homosexuality and bisexuality. They tell them that you are spiritual and you are okay as long as you go to church and read the Bible and don’t deal with your sexuality.

BYT: Your mother is featured alongside you on the Alexyss K. Tylor show. Has your mother evolved in her view of sexuality from what she preached in the past?

AKT: No, my mother has not. But, she has to realize that it is the Alexyss K. Tylor Show and I’m talking about vagina power, penis power and spiritual sexuality. I’m the one who controls the theme of the show. My mother does not support homosexuality or bisexuality or lesbianism. She thinks it is an abomination and I do not. Although, she basically understands that it is my show and I’m going to talk about what I’m going to talk about because of the pain that I’ve had to endure around sexuality and spirituality and the pain that I’ve seen so many young people endure – Black and White – because they’ve felt conflicted about feelings that made them feel good about themselves.

BYT: You obviously have a different view now than what you were taught growing up. What was the catalyst that changed your thinking?

AKT: My first relationship was a lesbian relationship. My mother found out about it when I was 19, and she threw me out in the cold and took all my clothes and all my money. I had nothing and I had nobody. I was sleeping in my car and on the streets and I felt very bad about my life and it caused me to be taken advantage of by people on the streets. I was told that I was a sinner, I was going to Hell and that this was my punishment from God. I found out later that there were a lot of young people who experienced what I did. There are a lot of young boys and young girls who are thrown out of the street – no food, no money, no clothes – and their families turn their back on them because they can’t figure out why they are feeling love and sexual attraction towards someone of the same-sex. When their families don’t understand that, they often turn on them. And, these are issues that I want to deal with, that I have to deal with especially when the church won’t deal with it. I know for a fact that most of the gay men found their lovers in the Black church.

vag1BYT: How do you identify your sexual identity?

AKT: I identify as heterosexual. However, there are a lot of things in my past that I’m not ashamed to have done. I’m not actively in a lesbian relationship, or bisexual relationship, at this time. I’m dating a man.

BYT: Most of the topics on your show deal with opposite-sex relationships, not gay ones. Do you apply your advice for those relationships differently or approach them the same way?

AKT: Here’s the thing: I’m basically not going to do a gay show, and I’m not going to do a lesbian show and I’m not going to do a straight show. People haven’t seen all of my shows. They don’t really know me from what they’ve seen on the internet. You go to my website and I’ve got some clips of some transgender shows and some transvestite shows. It’s not that I don’t do them. I’m about keeping it real and dealing with sexuality.

BYT: Throughout your shows you talk about vagina power, and penis power and sperm power. Are those three separate entities, or one singular concept?

AKT: Spiritual sexuality – sperm power, vagina power and penis power – are the basis of your sexual energy. They might function differently based on the organs and how the hormones are released. They might be different, but the basis sexual spirituality and energy is the same.

BYT: When did you first notice that clips of your public access show were gaining popularity on sites like YouTube?

AKT: I didn’t know since I wasn’t the one that put clips up. Someone else did. So, people started sending messages to my Myspace page this past April.

BYT: Do you think that the posting of those clips are exploiting your show, or has it given you new avenues to reach an additional audience?

AKT: I think it’s both. It is exploiting me and other people are using it to create a name for themselves. However, I am gaining a larger audience and people are going to my website where I have my books on cd “Vagina Power, My Life” which talks about my struggle and “Vagina Power, Penis Power” which deals with the spiritual anatomy of the vagina, the penis, testicles and sperm. Also, I’m getting ready to do a internet television show. So, there are positive consequences of the internet exposure because there are people who do want to hear what Alexyss K. Tylor has to say.

BYT: There has been a good amount written about the misogynistic lyrics in popular music, especially in hip-hop. Do you see any positive portrayals of vagina power in the media?

AKT: Well, I like a lot of the artists that I see and I learn a lot from some of them. I definitely like Beyonce a lot.

BYT: Any particular reason?

AKT: Beyonce is very strong, very confident. She comes across as a person with a good heart and a lot of honor and integrity. She is sexual, but not vulgar. It doesn’t look like to me she is coming from a place where she is trying to exploit or fill her vagina. She isn’t billing it as a sex organ to get money. She enjoys what she does, is talented, and is just trying to share that with the world. There is a very fine line, and we have to be careful to mind that line between sensuality and being just slutty and vulgar.

BYT: You view sensuality as something positive?

AKT: No, I see sexuality period as something that is positive as well. I think the penis and the vagina are beautiful. I think that sperm is beautiful. However, you have to be careful not to let someone exploit you and making those things vulgar and moving it towards an animalistic portrayal of sexuality and sensuality.

BYT: A lot of our readers at Brightest Young Things are young women. Is there a main thrust of Vagina Power that you want to communicate directly to them?

AKT: Yes. You need to learn your body, and respect your body as a spiritual, sacred temple. It is a space designed to bring forth the power of creation. Women should use their bodies as an empowerment to build up their self-esteem. You shouldn’t have to feel that you just have to use your vagina as an organ for men to put their penis in – or even for women to go down on you – in order to gain love, approval and acceptance. Its all about knowing who you are and standing up to manifest the destiny that you alone were born to manifest above everything else.

BYT: Many people who view your clips may not get past your very, blunt talk. Do you ever censor what you say on your show because your mother is sitting next to you?

AKT: Its not about me having a relationship with my mother. It is about me having a relationship with myself. I want to provide accurate information to the community. I’m not a 2-year-old. I’m a 39-year-old woman. So, I’m not going to sit there and respond to my mother like a child. I’m sitting on set as a woman and as an adult. My responsibility is to do my show with honor and integrity and to directly speak to the public in a manner that they need in order to hear the message that I am trying to get across.

BYT: With her conflicting views, your mother seems to be a pretty good sport as a guest on your show.

AKT: You know, she wants to be there. I’m not making her sit there. I think she’s trying to evolve and trying to keep an open mind and learn. My first responsibility is not to be a child to my mother, but to be an advocate within the community. We have an HIV rate that is through the roof, so I’m not going to bite my tongue when people are dying. There are women who are too afraid to tell their man to wear a condom. There are woman who might even know that their man is having sex with another man and won’t tell him to use a condom when he puts his penis in her mouth or penetrates her vagina or rectum. So, I’m about truth and keeping it real. If people are offended, then they need to turn the dial.

BYT: Then, do you see your blunt talk as a solution or device to get people talking about these issues?

AKT: I don’t have a solution. Everybody has the solution within themselves. There is no one-size-fits-all. Everyone has to make their own choice. I’m just hoping to say something that causes people to think. There is nothing like self-truth. Nobody should make you believe anything. Your belief is your choice.

BYT: Do you have a specific message that applies to men?

AKT: I have some shows that feature men talking about how a woman gave them the vagina power, then withheld it and used the vagina as a weapon against them. I talk about sperm power, and penis power and the spiritual significance of sperm. We haven’t broadcast those shows yet, but they will be included in the new season. I’m not a man-basher. I don’t hate men. I’m about educating the male and female about the spiritual significance of sex organs.

vag3BYT: What is that spiritual significance?

AKT: I can’t go into my whole theory because it would take awhile to break it down. Basically, sperm has its own origin and its own consciousness. A lot of men are into ejaculating. They say “Oh that’s the end of it. I ejaculated. I feel great.” But, there is a deeper sub-atomic core memory in the sperm that I love to tell men about.

BYT: You mean evolutionary, spiritual?

AKT: Well, its not just instinct. Its also genetic and a spiritual etheric construct that we’re not taught about in church, but should be taught about in church. That is the difference between spirituality and religion. This is something that men carry from the extra-terrestrial base that they come from.

BYT: You mean, another planet?

AKT: Well, a spiritual base. You have a spiritual anatomy and a spiritual etheric construct that no one can escape. After you die, that construct – the chakras and aura of sperm are still intact. It has a whole history of your cosmology that tells about who you are, the planets, the stars and the ancestor base that you came from. Women need to know, if they are going to take in the sperm, that we need to be careful of what sperm we take in. Men need to know that they also need to be careful about who they give the sperm to because sperm is sacred.

BYT: Your beliefs have a new age feel to them, but I notice there are underlying concepts in your beliefs that are also found in mainstream religion. Is their a particular religion that you identify with today?

AKT: I think that anything that deals with spirituality – Buddhism, Hinduism, African mysticism – those are all concepts I can relate to.

BYT: What has been the reaction of your local community in Atlanta since you have become well-known?

AKT: The reaction has not been that good. Even before I became popular on YouTube, the management of People TV took my show off the air. They did not like me personally and they did not like my message. A lot of the women complained about the show and did not like my message, my language and they did not want me on the air. However, more people get to see me now on the internet. The manager of People TV has tried to get the clips of my show taken down off of YouTube.

BYT: A popular clip of your show regards a discussion of adult toys with your mother, who seems to disapprove of their use. What is your opinion on use of toys?

AKT: I see nothing wrong with adult toys. As a matter of fact, when people watch the episode of my show titled “How to Talk to Dick: Dick Talk 101” they will see I have an artificial penis in my hand that I’m very comfortable with. I talk about teaching a man to have a longer erection and better ejaculation with penis massage and loving a man’s penis. You might have to massage it orally or even stimulate it with your hand. People haven’t seen all the sides of Alexyss K. Tylor and they haven’t seen all of my shows. I love penises and I think they’re beautiful. The toys are good tools to learn about our own anatomy and learn how to treat our sex partner’s anatomy better.

BYT: The particular adult toy that you mention, that has received a lot of attention, is the Jackrabbit. Has the manufacturer reached out to you ever since you popularized their product?

AKT: No (laughs), they haven’t. Maybe I should start my own line.

BYT: Do you have any plans for any appearances in Washington, DC?

AKT: Not yet. I’m working on getting a tour together. I’m working on a new album, so it would be a speaking tour as well as a concert.

vagBYT: What type of music?

AKT: All types. I’m from down South, so we’ll have a little bit of that Georgia bass. There will be some religious music and rock. I like fusing different types of music together.

BYT: What is your musical background?

AKT: I sing. I play a little bit of piano and guitar. I still need to practice and get better on those instruments and infuse my own style.
However, right now I have some great musicians working with me on my album who can interpret the feel of musical style.

BYT: Are there any particular musical influences that are at work while you are putting together this album?

AKT: One woman in particular that I like a lot is Stevie Nicks. I would also say Jimmy Hendrix, Prince, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. I take a little bit of influence from everywhere both lyrically and musically. I even like Yanni. I like some Beethoven. I hope that when I do get to Washington, people can find something in my music that they like. Its influenced by a little of everything. In the meantime, they can check out a few songs on my web page, as well as purchase full-hour episodes of my television program there. If you like the clips, you should see the whole thing.

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