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Halloween is upon us. And while straight people have their fun, the gays do not f&%k around. It is the high holiday of the gay calendar and a time for reflection that marks the last day of fasting before carbs can once again be safely eaten post beach season. We’ve been starving our body for months, we’ve donned our highest heels, and we’ve teased our trickiest wigs. It’s time to celebrate Halloween. And, to help you out we’ve put together a BYT HomoWeen Guide* to help you on your way.

*We say “HomoWeen Guide” due to the overwhelming number of events this weekend geared towards gay men. To prep this guide, we pulled together our lesbian writers and, sadly, Halloween kind of sucks for us lesbians this year in D.C. There is a slew of lesbian house parties, but the pickings for official events this weekend are slim. And for those of us who are trans, we know this weekend can sometimes be tricky. But, all of the events listed below are inclusive of everyone.

  • Early in the night, DC Bear Crue is holding a Heroes & Villains costume party at the Bear Happy Hour over at at Town.
  • D.C. is officially commemorating the Exorcist Stairs in Georgetown with a dedication and plaque.
  • This is one of our favorite Mixtape events all year. The music is great, the crowd is horny friendly, and the costumes outlandish. Dance the night away with the 4th Annual Mixtape Halloween Party at the Howard Theatre.
  • GirlCode Fridaze is hosting Nightmare on 9th Street at Vita Lounge (sadly, one of the few women-specific parties this weekend).
  • Down the street its twink or treat (OMG, how is that not a gay porn title already?) as Town hosts an 18+ Halloween party called FreakyFriday complete with a drag show and music by DJ Wess.
  • SMYAL is hosting a haunted house for those who want to be spooked.
  • The Green Lantern is hosting a CaBOOret Drag Charity Show.
  • If you’re looking for a great date-night activity early in the night, try Night of the Living Zoo (6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) as the National Zoo is hosting its adult-only annual event. Featuring music, food trucks, a costume contest, and beer. It’s spooky, how fun it looks.
  • If you’re feeling a little frisky, check out the Rocky Horror Titty Show; A Burlesque Tribute to a Cult Classic at the Bier Barron.
  • Up in Baltimore, GlitterThighs presents the HomoWeen party.

  • Start the night out at the Kennedy Center with SCARY League: A Story League Halloween.
  • We weren’t crazy about MAM 28 falling on Halloween this years. If there’s one thing gays love other than a month-long birthday celebration, it is a month-long Halloween celebration. But, we’ll deal with it. If you don’t know the 28th Annual Miss Adams Morgan Pageant takes place at the Washington Hilton. THOUSANDS of gay men dressed in drag descend upon its ballroom for the competition. Our favorite thing this night is to sit in the lobby and watch Midwestern tourists staying at the hotel run into the hoards of drag princesses. We never cover MAM since it is still officially a no-media event, but you’ll see tons of pics show up on your friend’s social media the next day.
  • If you’re hitting up Miss Adams Morgan, then float down the block afterwards for Broken Heel: The Miss Adams Morgan After Party at the Duplex Diner.
  • If you want a little spook with your spirits then hit up the #Mask4Mask: A Halloween Masquerade at Comet Ping Pong. DJ Dean Sullivan spins this queer party along with some of our favorite ghoulish drag queens: Summer Camp, Salvadora Dali, Cis Jenner, and Jaxknife.
  • Phase One is hosting a women-specific Nightmare on 8th Street Halloween party.
  • Town is hosting its GhostTown Halloween Party with a costume contest and DJ Ed Bailey.
  • Cobalt is hosting a Monster Mash party.
  • Is there a holiday where the gays don’t take the opportunity to celebrate Mean Girls? No. She doesn’t even go here, but you can with Jawbreaker: the 2nd Annual Mean Girls Halloween Party at Number 9.
  • Skin Tight USA is hosting a Zombie Superheroes Party at the Green Lantern.
  • Hit up Nellies to see the one day of the year where the packs of bachelorettes aren’t actually bachelorettes. It’s the Nellies Costume Contest.

  • Día de los Muertos – November 1, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. We should all go to The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian and learn something.
  • Rewatch Ina Garten’s Halloween for Grownups and wonder why you didn’t think to go as Ina in this year’s High Heel Race. I mean, that would have been perfect!
  • Then, Netflix and Chill (and possibly freak the f&*k out…we mean, did you see last week’s episode?!) with The Walking Dead.

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