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These no-bullshit guides will give you five ready-to-buy options for even your most discerning gift-receiver. Up now: the dog lovers in your life. Because if you love dogs, then you love people that love dogs—and that means you gotta reward them with gifts.

1.  Because a dog’s gotta eat.

And, that being the case, these speckled rose-gold bowls are the perfect gift. I suggest buying two (mix-and-match) so the pup can drink in style, too.

Waggo — Specktacular Bowls

2. For the one who appreciates the OFWGKTA aesthetic, but not the cats.

Karmaloop — Flying Coffin, The Hell Hound Dye Tee 

It’s a Corgi, on a purple tie-dye t-shirt, jumping over an inverted cross. And it’s on sale.

3. For the more understated one.

Karmaloop — Accessories Boutique Ring, The Dog & Bone Ring

Currently on sale for $10 (!!!) this ring is the perfect option for the puppy-person who prefers to subtlety show their love for the canines. Also (unrelated) THAT MANICURE.

4. Busy bow-wow.

Dog owners are busy people: They have dogs.

That’s why this Marc Jacobs iPhone case (WITH the power to double battery life) is a practical option. Also, there’s a Pug with eyelashes on it. So.

Marc Jacobs — Olive iPhone 5 Boostcase

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 11.25.17 AM



A special breed of dog owner.

Karmaloop — Rook Crewneck, The Doberman Crown Fleece 

It’s going to bring your gift-receiver and their pup even closer.



^ this close.