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Well hello there! REAL TALK: You have ONLY TWO weekends left before Christmas. YEAH. So, you better get that last minute holiday shopping ball rolling. And we’re here to help. Below you’ll find a hand picked, mood board inspired selection of items your friends and family would be FOOLS not to love (SIDE NOTE: FEEL FREE TO GIVE THEM MOST OF THESE YEAR ROUND, and not just when you’re obligated to), all locally purchasable here in DC (and a lot locally made, even). And-New Yorkers-99% of this is orderable too, don’t worry. SO-lets dig in.


MAKE IT A STIFF ONE – real gifts for real drinkers. From the sphere ice molds (which make any bourbon based drink instantly extra legit) to “don’t waste a drop” flask funnel (to go with flasks new and old), to our version of whiskey goggles and TO HAVE AND TO HAVE ANOTHER Hemingway cocktail companion, and a sturdy roll of cocktail napkins -this is a selection for people who like to drink, and like to talk about drinking.

GiftGuide2013-JM 01

Sphere Ice Molds (The Hour Shop); “knock one out” flask (Salt & Sundry); Gold enamel cocktail shaker (Salt & Sundry); To Have and to Have Another – A Hemingway Drinking Companion by Philip Green (Salt & Sundry); “don’t waste a drop” flask funnel (Salt & Sundry); VINTAGE flask (The Hour Shop); blue & white pocket square (Hugh & Crye); White Whale “Your older brother” bold mixer (Salt & Sundry); mug candle (Mutiny); binoculars (Treasury); Cocktail napkin roll (Salt & Sundry)


FOR THE DAVID LYNCH HEROINE IN YOUR LIFE – She is trouble and you know it. Which is ok. In fact, you love her all the more for it. Dangerous jewelry, seriously mind melding reads, puzzles as ARTWORK,  and only the most perfectly timeless accessories all come together for the girl you’re maybe even a little afraid to shop for, because that is how smart/cool/twisted she is.

GiftGuide2013-JM 02

Black hat with rhinestones and veil (CIAO NINA); Night Film by Marisha Pessl (Amazon) ; Ivanka Trump black Mary Janes (Bishop Boutique); Bobbi Brown Red Carpet lipstick (Bluemercury); Madison Rum Cherry sunglasses (Warby Parker); Red jar (Miss Pixie’s); “I Hate Perfume” Winter 1972 (Redeem); double wrap woven bracelet  (Bishop Boutique); roma cuff in gold and black (Redeem); gold cuff (Bishop Boutique); fangs ring (Redeem); Eilisain talon earrings (available @ Swank Pop-Up Dec 12-22nd); Eilisain claw necklace (available at Swank Pop-Up); “Photographs Not Taken” -an essay book on photography (Corcoran Shop); Alex Prager’s Crowd #4 limited edition puzzle (New Haven) (Corcoran Gift Guide)


SUIT UP – Presents for people who appreciate the finer things in tailoring AND life.

GiftGuide2013-JM 32

Photo Print – Caitlin Teal Price; Navy shirt (Hugh & Crye); The beer card deck (Salt & Sundry); The drinker’s dictionary (Salt & Sundry); Gold cufflinks (Treasury); Silver cufflinks (The Hour Shop); Tennis racket tie clip (Treasury); Mable sunglasses (Warby Parker); Fly fishing cufflinks (The Hour Shop); Ties (Treasury); Blue stone, gold cufflinks (The Hour Shop)


FEELING BLUE – Perfect gifts for the true blues in your life.

GiftGuide2013-JM 05

Lavander Honey lollipops (Salt & Sundry); Mast Brothers dark chocolate with sea salt (Salt & Sundry); Tone blue velvet leggings (Violet Boutique); Begley glasses (Warby Parker); Blue boots, $395 (Redeem); Dig Dog Dig eyeball mobile (Swank Pop-Up); Glass owl paperweight, $23 (Goodwood); Treasury Lithics necklace, $45 (Swank Pop-Up); Blue suede tie (Treasury); Silver ribbed cuff (Treasury); Betty Blue OST (Smash)


DARLING, LETS BE ADVENTURERS – gifts so worldly seeming (and smelling and feeling), we may as well have sourced them in dark, hidden corners of bazaars in Marrakesh, as opposed to the well lit, inviting corners of mostly NW DC. But hey, no one needs to know that. If you don’t tell, we won’t either.

GiftGuide2013-JM 11

Nameless shearling jacket, $66 (Violet Boutique); Turkish travel bag, $135 (Treasury); Neroli hand cream (Goodwood); Travel by land candle (Mutiny); Amande and pistache tea (Goodwood); Long rolo chain necklace with acorn and tassel pendant (Violet Boutique); Bonne journee agenda (Goodwood); Bazaar trading game (Miss Pixie’s); 4 silver cuffs (Treasury); UDOP brass double ring (Swank Pop-Up); UDOP sterling silver rings (Swank Pop-Up); UDOP long pendant necklace (Swank Pop-Up); Saint Clair black and red and green necklace (Redeem); Gemini necklace (MEEPS);


ITS MY PARTY AND I’LL SHIMMER IF I WANT TO – Perfect gifts for the perfect hostess in your life. You know the one, the one with a twinkle in her eye and a an old Hollywood dame kind of attitude. (p.s. for more hostess inspirations, check out our great hostess tips guide with assorted party pros we love around town – We kicked off our series with photographer Kate Warren and artist Martin Swift, who taught us how to dress our best for the holidays with the wardrobe you already own. We then brought you the secrets to holiday brunching from Nycci Nellis, publisher and radio host, while Washington Post Express editor Holley Simmons walked us through a festive cocoa party. Plus, lifestyle and food blogger Nikki Rappaport of Cupcakes for Breakfast fame lets us in on some quick tips for throwing (and attending) a no-stress fête.)

GiftGuide2013-JM 09

Golden acorn, $8 (Miss Pixie’s); Loeffler Randall tiger Shoes (Bishop Boutique); Xmas ball diamond (Miss Pixie’s); Gold bangles, $14 (Violet Boutique); Gold cocktail shaker (Salt & Sundry); Gold rimmed peach cocktail glasses (The Hour Shop); Gold cocktail fork/spoon (Salt & Sundry); “What’s a Hostess to Do?” book (Salt & Sundry); key necklaces (Treasury); large square cocktail ring, $10 (Violet Boutique); fancy marquise and large pear shape gemstone earrings, $10 (Violet Boutique); Capitol cocktails trading cards, $19.95 (The Hour Shop); Lubin Akkat perfume (Goodwood); Gold cocktail hardware (The Hour Shop); Gold shot cup measurer (part of the aformentioned set, The Hour Shop)


CUDDLE PARTY – Gift that help you (and yours) enter the ultimate comfort zone. Also gift that will make people want to touch you and hug you incessantly. So, just shut up and mosey on over her so we can cozy up already.

GiftGuide2013-JM 23

Blue and red plaid shirt (Mutiny); Blue snowflake pocket square (Hugh & Crye); Gold cuff (Swank); Lyle glasses (Warby Parker); Common people gray sweater (Redeem); Wool blanket (Salt & Sundry); Postalco notebook (Mutiny); Lush sweater (Violet Boutique); Fireside candle (Salt & Sundry); Tobacco and sandalwood candle (Redeem); Fritz and Fraulein ipod pouch (Salt & Sundry)


THE SPORTING LIFE  – Gifts for men in your life that will never succumb to a trendy exercise craze. Which we hope are ALL THE MEN in your life.

GiftGuide2013-JM 15

Vintage Dumbbells (Goodwood); Sea & Cane sweets (Cork Market); Glass tennis racket paperweight (Goodwood); Bike pouch (Mutiny); Blue plaid shirt (Hugh & Crye); Golf balls and chalice (Miss Pixie’s); Royall Rugby eau de toilette (Goodwood); Best badger shaving brush (Goodwood); Anchor ornament (Salt & Sundry); Ship wheel (Salt & Sundry); 3 cotton handkerchiefs (Corcoran Shop)


DC GIFTS – Gifts with purpose. Gifts with a sense of pride.

GiftGuide2013-JM 19

Human rights Madonna Russian campaign t-shirt (HRC); Sparklers; District of Columbia bag (Mutiny); DC PuzzleMap – 1000 pieces (Corcoran Shop); DC t-shirt and DC sweatshirt (MEEPS); Coexist dark roast coffee (Coexist Campaign)


BEST FRIEND – hey, she deserves only the best for being the absolute best, right?

GiftGuide2013-JM 16

Moonstruck OST (Smash); A Story Lately Told by Anjelica Huston (Amazon); Laura Mercier lip gloss set (Bluemercury); Dry Bar gift card coasters (Drybar); Silver and gold heart ornament (Goodwood); Braided wrap (DeNada); Portland general store candle (Mutiny); The du tigre (Cork Market); Fine English charcoal squares (Cork Market); Tracey tanner pouch (Goodwood); Sparkly flower black gloves (Violet Boutique);


FRENEMY – Subtle and not so subtle ways of telling someone you love to love/hate them.

GiftGuide2013-JM 17

Peroxide jar (Jonathan Adler); “The Filthy Liar” bold mixer (Salt & Sundry); Kelly and Brenda 90210 barbies !!!!!!! (MEEPS); Pink gem headband (CIAO NINA); Lust pillow (Jonathan Adler); Bliss fatgirl slim (Bliss Spa); Deborah Lippman nailpolish with Coach pouch (Bluemercury); Cats pin (MEEPS); Dueling coasters (Salt & Sundry); Rope necklace (Swank Pop-Up)


DUDE-O-RAMA – cool gifts for cool guys who like to stay cool and entertained in only totally cool ways. COOL.

GiftGuide2013-JM 12

The Legend of Cool Disco Dan DVDs (cooldiscodan.com); vintage comics (Miss Pixie’s); Bob Dylan Side Tracks album (Som Records); 9:30 cupcake ornament (9:30 Club); Crossley cruiser red record player (available at Urban Outfitters); Pal portable audio laboratory (Room & Board); Leather jacket keychain (Smash); Stars and stripes pocket square (Hugh & Crye); Dance of Days (Smash); Giant safety pin (Goodwood); Pins (Smash); Pin (MEEPS)

THE BEST KITCHEN EVER – Your kitchen is worth it.

GiftGuide2013-JM 26

The Best Cookbook Ever by Max & Eli Sussman (Amazon); Where chefs eat book – The Ultimate Insider’s Guide (Corcoran Shop); Founding Farmers cookbook (on location and Amazon); Gordy’s pickles; Bevanda al balsamico – drinkable sherry balsamic (Cork Market); Assortment truffles (Cork Market); Caramel classics (Cork Market); The Runcible Spoon: Cheap Issue (out now); Farmers market of DC (Elizabeth Graeber, available @ MEEPS), Me, You, Ours glassware set (The Hour Shop)


CHRISTMAS OVERLOAD – the holiday gift selection equivalent of the Griswold family Christmas light display. They are many things but they are NOT subtle, but that is part of their charm.

GiftGuide2013-JM 29

Merle Haggard’s Christmas Present album (SOM Records); Bliss mistletoe must-haves (Bliss Spa); Baileys’ vanilla cinnamon (P Street Wines); Jade ring (Violet Boutique); Jade earrings (Violet Boutique); Large red oval ring (Violet Boutique); Crimson cushion ring (Violet Boutique); Quince and apple jam trio (Cork Market); Red and green jars (Miss Pixie’s); Silver and gold heart ornament (Goodwood); Snowflake ornament (Goodwood); Multi-colored hairpins (CIAO NINA); Red glass (The Hour Shop); Blue and Green Candy Cane and Peppermint frosted glasses (The Hour Shop)


LEATHER AND SMOKE LACE – things that feel and smell like the best version of any winter.

GiftGuide2013-JM 25

Frye boots (The Frye Company); Johnnie Walker gold label limited holiday edition (Calvert Woodley); Quince and apple cherry grenadine (Cork Market); Cowl Squares Scarf (De Nada); Soap and paper company candle (Goodwood); Blackbird incense (Redeem); Whiskey tasting set (The Hour Shop); Boots that made history book (The Frye Company); Black and gold bracelet (Redeem)


STOCKING STUFFERS – make even the smallest of gifts extra fun.

GiftGuide2013-JM 31

Fresh Cannabis Santal perfume (Bluemercury); Bow head band (CIAO NINA); Gold-studded bow belt (Violet Boutique); Pink stone drop necklace (Current Boutique); Fresh sugar stars mini lip collection (Blue Mercury); Orange and green stone earrings (Violet Boutique); Treasury lithics white metal ring (Swank Pop-Up); Multicolored silk scarf (Treasury); Madécasse chocolates (Cork Market); Vintage typography cards (Corcoran Shop); Roses pocket square (Hugh & Crye); This song will save your life by Leila Sales (Amazon)

so, that’s all folks!


  • Styling and sourcing: Svetlana Legetic and Morgan H. West
  • Photography: Jeff Martin
  • Styling and sourcing assistance: Emily Catino
  • with many thanks to the Gibson Guitar Showroom for letting us shoot on location there and the whole BYT team for running around, grabbing things, returning things and more.

SIDE GIFTING NOTES: check out our holiday market and pop-up guide too and join our VIPERS PROGRAM (or gift it to someone), we’re giving away presents out of the wazooo for days on end. Our 2012 and 2011 gift guides are pretty aces too still.