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Welcome to our 4th annual gift guide series, where the BYT staff gives you hints to satisfy any taste (or lack of thereof) for anyone you ever need to get a present for.  Don’t find anything you like?  Then check out the 2009 and 2008 Gift Guides, which are still pretty solid.


“Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film”
$23.10 from Amazon

An exhaustive and amazing catalog of cool kids in denim jackets and headbands clutching skateboards, aerosol cans, switch blades, jam boxes and drum sticks sprinkled with interviews featuring veteran punk musicians and filmmakers.

Gift Certificate To Spa World (Centreville, Virginia)
Price: $35+ SpaWorld Website

There is a magical 24 hour Korean bathhouse just down the road where you can dress in cultwear while lounging in an adult ball pit of hot clay pebbles. The best gift to give to a perpetually partied-out friend.

Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers
$40 from  Anime Pagoda

Save your slut friend from awkward morning-after cut and runs with these Monty Python slippers. Everyone wants to hang out and make brunch plans when they wake up next to these.

Predator Head Hats.

$399-$799 from Alasaka Fur Exchange

These wolf head hats enhance stalking powers and serve as official drink-for-free passports (as seen on Sarah Palin’s Alaska!).

T.Rex Ring

$225 from Noir Jewelry

Noir Jewelry is an amazing place where you can buy shark rings, batman bracelets and Keith Harring earrings for that special woman who wants to be a museum curator by day and a badass by night.  Pro tip: If you buy me this, I’ll be your girlfriend.

NERF Longstrike Sniper Rifle
$50 from ThinkGeek

Sometimes you need to make sure your friends are adequately armed for battle.

Beer Bandolier
$29.95 from KegWorks

Once again, sometimes you need to make sure your friends are adequately armed for battle.

Tuna Fish Sleeping Bag
$74.93 from Rinkya store

There is nothing lamer than showing up to a slumber party or camping trip with a tired ass sleeping bag made by some squares in Maine. Get real. You’re an adult.

The Wonder Years: The Complete Series w/ Special Bonus: Complete “Music From the Wonder Years” 50 song collection.
$49 from TV Mania

Who doesn’t want to follow the Arnold family through the tumultuous 1960s all over again?

Japanese Bong Mask
Price: 6800円(税込) from Thanko

Product details: ボングとは水タバコ等を吸う際に使うパイプのことです。

Spin Master Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker
$30 from Target

Save your stress eating roommate tear-fueled trips to the exurbs with Dairy Queen’s Spin Master Blizzard Maker. Eat your feelings in the safest place possible!