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If there’s one thing the French have always done right, it’s the food. French cuisine, by and large, is well balanced in flavor, texture and color, providing just the right amount of buttery flakiness in a pastry, orange zest in a glaze, crunch in that crust and, well, you get the idea.

French cuisine is, in fact, one of the reasons we’re most excited for our two-night BYT & La Maison Francaise: French Underground soiree this weekend. (C’mon, did you really think we’d let you party without a taste of their fabulous culinary culture?)

Here’s just a glimpse into the delicious eats and treats you’ll find; these bites, pastries and full meals are the perfect companions to the incredible live music, DJs and decor that await…


Paul Bakery

Paul Bakery began in 1889 as a small bakery located in rue de la Mackellerie in Croix, near Lille. (That’s in France, just to be clear. Actual France.) They specialize in only the flakiest of buttery pastries, the most delicious meats and cheeses, and the art of French cuisine.

Luckily for all of you French Underground movers and shakers, Paul will be serving up some delectable French cuisine not one but two nights.

Friday night, the Paul team is bringing you an assortment of macarons, the adorable, light, elegant French meringue-based cookies. Enjoy  chocolate, coconut, lemon, raspberry, pistachio & caramel. (Is your mouth watering yet? No? Just wait until Saturday….)

If bite-sized macarons aren’t enough to sate that appetite, Paul Bakery will have a full array of sandwiches and pastries on Saturday–this means crusty French bread with ham, Camembert, Prosciutto ham, Mozzarella, fresh produce, pesto spread, etc. (You get the idea.)

H &pizza

When H &pizza first opened here in the District, we knew we could never get enough of their locally-sourced produce, their plethora of options, their ingenious quick ‘n’ ready recipe for pizza made fresh before your very eyes. And so of course we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with them–and we’re sure you’ll be glad we did once you try their exclusive mini French bread pizzas made just for Friday night of our French Underground party.


The options are, as to be expected, as delicate and French as possible while still packing surprising flavor. The duck confit pizza is a perfect combination of tart, sweet and salty, incorporating roasted duck, spiced cherries and a Robuchon foam. Their take on the Croque Madame layers smoked ham, a creamy Mornaise sauce, and a fresh quail egg cooked on the premises.

IMG_6808 IMG_6802

Cirque Cuisine

Last but certainly not least, DC’s new organic-gourmet food truck Cirque Cuisine will be serving up delicious, healthy, affordable French fare both nights of our French Underground party.

Taste their Chicken and Sausage Cassoulet (made with white beans, parsnips, carrots, Γριλλεδ crusty bread) and their Bacon and Gorgonzola Gallette (a rustic tart with bacon, gorgonzola, butternut squash and swiss chard).

As far as vegetarian options are concerned (we’ll be eating all options, thank you very much), you won’t be able to get enough of their Wild Mushroom, Leek, and Ricotta Phyllo Quiche (served warm with grilled asparagus) and their Veggie Trio (French lentil salad, beet-cabbage slaw, and Autumn Salad with apple, pecans and a Goat Cheese Crostini).

And of course the night party would be incomplete without an Apple Tart Tartin, so be sure to expect this and more (Pomegranate, Concord Grape & Pear drinks, anyone?) from these traveling meal magicians.


All of this available to you and more, in addition to some incredible cocktails. Get your tickets here for this Friday, Saturday or both and get ready for dancing, live performances, DJs, gorgeous decor, awkward cheek kisses and of course delicious cuisine. Your taste buds will thank us later.