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You love the 70’s funk band WAR even if you don’t realize it.  Originally fronted by The Animals’ Eric Burdon they’re responsible for Low Rider, Spill the Wine, The Cisco Kid, Cinco De Mayo, Me and Baby Brother, Slippin Into Darkness, and Why Can’t We Be Friends.  The fact that by 1977 they had pretty much already hit their peak, and with pressure by their label to put out a disco record, you had all the makings of something atrocious.  Yet lo and behold we get Galaxy, which is one of their best singles.  The lyrics are pure wonferful nonsense:

Superman, Batman, goin all night
Playin one on one with a meteorite

Oh man, watch out for star patrol:

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I saw WAR probably 12 years ago.  I was pretty stupid back then but I do remember really liking them.  Even though it obviously wasn’t the original lineup.  Or the second original lineup.  Or third.  I think now it’s just the keyboard player.  They’re playing at Birchmere on 6/21/2009 but it’s already sold out.