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The Darcys, some Toronoto indie rock band I’ve never heard of, decided to do a track by track cover album of Steely Dan’s classic masterpiece Aja.  It will be available for free on their web site on Jan 24th (where you can grab their debut album as well which I’m downloading now). Vinyl is avail for pre-order here.

As a pretty hardcore Steely Dan fan (see this bit of BYT nostalgia [I guess the predictions came true] and accompanying ridiculous comments) I was both intrigued and gearing up to be horrified.  I mean, The Dan is not a band you cover unless you have some balls.  The recording of Aja is so immaculate it makes the Virgin Mary shit her panties, and the dudes that play on it so proficient it makes the Holy Ghost go a spookin’.  Yet The Darcys sort of nail it.  They amplify the underlying current of despair and depravity that runs through Steely Dan’s best material and give us a moody broody piece that puts the kibosh on any neck dancing and makes me miss The Family Hemerlein.  Looking forward to hearing the rest.

The Darcys – Josie by Arts & Crafts

Catch them on March 7th, 2012 with Bombay Bicycle Club at 9:30 Club