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Good morning friends, next Sat BYT Summer Camp is doing French Riviera Camp at the Capitol Skyline Hotel pool.  So let’s do some theme songs.

Before Scottie B ripped through a mainstream disco set this past Saturday, I had my iPod going.  Ping Pong by Stereolab came up and our back end guy Jason was like “wait, what is this… it’s reminding me of a very specific time in my life” and I go “It’s Stereolab, and you’re thinking about having sex in college”.

Here is one of my fav early Stereolab tracks, French Disko.  Most people are familiar with the 7″ version that appears on the popular 1995 singles/rarities comp Refried Ectoplasm, but there was a longer version at the end of the Jenny Ondioline EP, re-released on the wicked 3-disc Oscillons from the Anti-Sun comp. And when it comes to buzzy early Stereolab rarities, more is better.

Download MP3

Hey, I’m actually going to the French Riviera in a month (and Paris), so if you have any recs let me know.