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BYTs hit music/comedy/variety show Family Hemerlein is sold out tonight, as always.  I did a search in iTunes on “sold out” for inspiration for the song today.  No luck.  Then I tried “sell out”, different connotation, but whatever.  The song Tryouts for the Human Race by Sparks came up.  I wasn’t sure why, then I got it; tryOUTs and RusSELL Mael in the composer field.  Whatever iTunes.  Still, great song!

Sparks were an LA band who met sporadic successes over a handful of rock albums, did a stint in the UK, and then headed back to the west coast where they got a little burnt out.  Never fear though, Italian disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder to the rescue.  The band met him through a mutual friend, being huge fans of Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, and Moroder took them on a magical journey through one of their many, many genre morphing albums.  So here it is, the opening track from their 1979 disco masterpiece No. 1 In Heaven:

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Oh, and they’re still making good music today.  Buy there stuff cheap at Amazon MP3