BYT Fav Song of the Day: Need New Body
cale | Nov 4, 2010 | 7:30AM |

Need New Body are (were?) a weirdo experimental Philly collective. They’re like vintage hipster shit before the masses hated hipster shit, or even knew what hipster shit was. They were freaking out kids like me in the early 2000s with their spazzy live shows and two great records, and then a third I never heard and then I think they took too much acid and floated away. Or got booed off the stage at a Hold Steady concert.

They were at their best, like Animal Collective and Deerhoof, when the cacophony gelled into something resembling a fractured pop song, such as stand out track Show Me Your Heart from 2003’s UFO. Actually this one get’s a little klezmer action going. It’s great.

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