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I have this track in my iTunes but there is no info about it. It’s a weird ass cover of The Beatles’ The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill, and it sounds a lot like the weird ass indie rock band Deerhoof. Although I can’t be sure. Anyway, Beatles covers are always tricky and usually boring, but this works. It’s actually a little creepy. In a good way. The original is the only Beatles song with a female lead vocal, albeit for one line, when Yoko sings “not when he looked so fierce”, so maybe that has something to do with (maybe) Deerhoof choosing to cover it. Or they were just high.

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Photo courtesy of Amanda Allen

Also I just found this little interview on Time Out with Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier about Let It Be:

TONY: Was Let it Be your introduction to the Beatles?

Greg Saunier: No, but it was the first one that I wanted to listen to on my own, away from the rest of the family.

How did it sound to you?

Friendly. Not because the music is so cheerful, but because in it, the band members are revealed to be actual people. Sgt Pepper’s is beautiful, but distant—so “in the sky with diamonds” it almost makes me feel left out. But with Let It Be I got obsessed with all the little screw-ups, the absurd banter, the impromptu whistling and snippets of unrelated songs. I know for many people (including, apparently, the Beatles) this just means it was ragged and subpar, but for me it was like the Bible.

How far did it inspire you to go out and make music?

Not just “did.” Even now, Deerhoof feels like deep down we’re always either shooting for a White Album or a Let It Be when we record. One is kitchen-sink tape-music, bizarre, mismatched and artificial. The other is vérité, a four-piece playing live, raw to a fault. Even though all Beatles records are deranged, it is these two (recorded one after the other) where that derangement takes on an especially damaged, even ugly, quality.

How often do you actually listen to Let It Be?

Two times per year.

Read more: http://www3.timeoutny.com/newyork/thevolume/2009/09/celebrating-the-beatles-deerhoof-on-let-it-be/