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I think Cale passed out before doing the song-SO I’M JUMPING TO THE CHANCE TO ONCE AGAIN TRY AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF LAKE (who, as luck would have it, are playing Red Palace today). Their  2008’s “The Places We’ll Go” record was one of my “Most Underrated Records of the 2000s” and is that perfect twee meets trippyness combination, sprinkled with boy-girl vocals and surprising bursts of genuine grooviness you didn’t know you could ever truly love (but you will).

“BLUE OCEAN BLUE”, which we’re gonna listen to now (and for the rest of the day) is a should-be pop hit with a deceivingly simple melody and some of the most endearing lyrics almost whisper-sung over them. Enjoy it’s simple pleasures here:

(download MP3 here)

P.S. I guess they have a new record out now, I still need to listen to it.