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We’re all done arguing about Girl Talk right?  Like, the haters have finally succumbed to the glory, or quietly faded away?  Good.

So the new Girl Talk album is out, and as always, it’s one helluva entertaining listen (stick around for our interview with him later today to learn more about it).

It’s best to listen to it as one track, but if you’re gonna pick a stand out, Let It Out (track 2), is a good one.  Mainly cause it has a hearty sample of Fugazi’s Waiting Room at the end, which had me all beaming in the car this morning.  I think Rihanna or something is singing over the top.  When the guitar comes in, that moment represents why Girl Talk matters… or at least work.  When he transcends clever, when the software fades from your mind, and you find yourself caught up in the song.  The song that Girl Talk made.  Those moments are all over this record (runner up: Joe Jackson / Lil Wayne on track 11).  Did I mention there is some ELO in this track too?  Love it.  As for that abrupt ending?  See what I mean, go listen to the whole thing, it’s like butter.  I guarantee it will make you smile.

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