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Over here at BYT we loved the Generationals sugary 60’s pop debut Con Law (song of the day here, listening party here).   They released their follow up a couple months ago, which from this quote seemingly about the recording process indicates that it was recorded here in DC:

“DC is very unforgiving in the summer. It just radiates heat,” explains singer/multi- instrumentalist Ted Joyner. “So even though it was sunny outside, we sat in the basement most of the time.”


So I haven’t listened to it yet.  Will get around to it.  In the meantime I’m checking out this new free (!) EP Medium Rarities released yesterday.  It’s got one new song You Got Me, which is wonderful, and a stark departure from the sound of Con Law.  Then there is also this Richard Swift remix of When They Fight, They Fight (the original made our fav of 2009 DJ mix), where he basically fasts forwards the song 20 years giving it a retarded 80s goofball feel.  I’ll post that one, but def get the whole thing:

Download the entire EP here (for free): http://www.parkthevan.com/mediumrarities/