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You probably have to be about 30 years old to remember Duran Duran’s short lived comeback in the early 90s. The (still pretty great) songs Ordinary World and Come Undone got extensive Mtv airplay and I’m not sure my young (stupid) self even realized they were that ‘crappy 80s wolf band from VH1’ (remember that the 80s didn’t become cool again till the early 2000s).

They went in to record a follow up and it took forever and somebody quit the band blah blah blah. Finally the album, Medazzaland, was then partially re-recorded and released in the US to little fanfare and didn’t even get a UK pressing. I know I didn’t buy it. But I did get a hold of the first and only single ‘Electric Barbarella’, which supposedly was the first ever officially released song on the internet. The song’s title was of course taken from the cult sci fi sex comedy starring Jane Fonda, a film which I was completely obsessed with at the time. In fact many years prior Duran Duran got the name of their band from the films antagonist which is what led me to re-evaluate their killer back catalog.

The song, while feeling a little late 90s, is still infectiously fun, and the full version even has a weird wanna-be Adrian Belew guitar solo. I guarantee you’ll be singing it in your head all day, and not in a bad way. Anyway, Duran Duran was let go from Capitol/EMI and has been middling about ever since – but they still put on pretty good shows.

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