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Signer/songwriter Gene Clark was a founding member of The Byrds and wrote the majority of their early material, but internal problems with the band and his chronic fear of flying (!) were catalysts for his 1966 departure.  His solo album followed over a year later (which I’ve never heard, but it’s supposed to be good), but didn’t sell well, so he re-joined The Byrds.  Then three weeks later (!) he had another plane related freak out and quit again (don’t worry, he’d be back years later for The Byrds final record).  I’m sure he was a treat to hang out with.

Anyway, he next teamed up with bluegrass banjo whiz Doug Dillard to form Dillard & Clark and released their awesomely titled The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark album with it’s (I’m assuming) unintentionally homo erotic cover.  Again, didn’t do much in the way of sales, but is one of the first (and finest) country rock records, coming out at the same time as The Byrds seminal Sweetheart of the Rodeo.  Here is the upbeat With Care From Someone showcasing Dillards virtuoso (yet never showy) banjo work.  An overlooked and influential rock snob gem.

Dillard & Clark fizzled out after a second album, but Gene continued to put out quality solo work (including the masterpiece No Other in 1974) until he finally drank himself to death in 1991.

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