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We’re doing French Riviera Camp this Sat, soooo let’s do some theme songs.

Cassius are two French house producers who have had a couple dance club hit over the years.  2002s sophomore effort Au Rêve added more live instrumentation and vocalists and had some nice moments, but after an hour you’d gotten the point and switched to the next disc in your 5 disc changer.  At least that’s what I did, until I saw some car commercial with a killer backing track.  My friend and I were desperate to find it, but the internet wasn’t quite what it is today, so we were having trouble.  A few months later I got an email from him “play the last track on the last Cassius album”.  Whoops.  There it was all along, a lengthy guitar noodling funk juggernaut of coolness.

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Hey, I’m DJing on Thur at Little Miss Whiskey’s for a Smooth Music Tribute to Billy Dee Williams.  You should come.  Check out the worst/best flyer ever made: