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One of the best scenes ever from one of the best movies ever – when all the characters in Magnolia start singing along to Aimee Mann’s Wise Up. That’s some beautiful tragic meta shit right there.  Good god I love me some PTA.

Save Me usually gets all the attention, and it’s great, and was nominated for an Academy Awards and stuff… I only really know this because Blame Canada from South Park was also nominated and both lost to Phil Collins “cartoon monkey love song” (Mann’s words) which was relentlessly referenced the next season on South Park… anyway… yeah it’s a great song. So is her cover of Harry Nillson’s One that also appears on the soundtrack. But I think Wise Up, which was originally written (and rejected) for Jerry Maguire, takes the cake.

You can catch Aimee Mann at Rams Head on 1/23/12, although I can’t really vouch for her non-Magnolia related material.

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