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Some music nerd friends of mine are throwing a little Factory Records dance party at LIV this Thursday, so I’ve asked them to take over this column to get you in the mood. Third up, Alex Tebeleff:

So, my pick is “Temptation” by New Order.   Here’s why:

I can still remember listening to this song from the Trainspotting soundtrack before I had any idea who New Order, Joy Division, or Factory Records was, and feeling really moved by how thoughtful the lyrics are. Maybe he wasn’t the innovative poet Ian Curtis was (and really who is?) but clearly these were written from the heart. Add more amazing hooks then you can count from the bass, guitar, vocals, and synths, and an electronic rhythm section creating beautiful chaos, and you have an incredible piece of art-dance-pop, that really only New Order could make. Here’s a video of a surprisingly contemporary sounding live version, which I believe fully demonstrates what fantastically innovative musicians New Order are:

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