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I am chronicling my battle with the backyard ants this week.

I think I may have won. No ants today. But I’m not getting cocky, I’ve been fooled before. What facinates me is the sheer number of crawling things in my tiny little plot of dirt and weeds. At any moment, before I went all napalm, I could stare at the ground and count dozens of different species. I even saw two bright blue salamanders the other day. It’s like National Geographic back there.

Here is a song you probably haven’t heard, but don’t skip it, it’s my fav of the week. I know nothing about Rubber Room except they cropped up on a cosmic balearic beats comp by Belgiums always excellent Eskimo Recordings. The song is called Cockroach and it’s got this touch of lo fi over the futuristic sheen which get’s me all giddy for the weekend. Blast off on your dated 1970s hexagon spacecraft:

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