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We’re throwing a party this Sat. There will be music and comedy and DJs and free booze and free parking and you’ll get to be on TV cause TLC is filming an episode of their new Katie Balloons reality show.  All the details here: http://burstartisphere.eventbrite.com/

So let’s do… balloon songs.

Yesterday I posted the Oysterhead song Radon Balloon.  Maybe you dug it but Trey’s voice grated on you a bit?  No worries, he pulled the song out again for his 2002 (hit or miss, mostly miss) solo album.  The psychedelic warbles and vocals have been stripped away, but the instrumentals have been punched up with the addition of a pretty string arrangement.  Overall I feel this is an improvement from the original.  It was retitled Ray Dawn Balloon for this release.  Ok, I think that’s enough Phish for this week.

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