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After night 3 of the Democratic National Convention, I was a little bored. The democrats were being united. Protests were relatively calm and rain was on the way. The final day of the DNC looked to be boring. So I found the GOP.


Republicans hosted their counter programming in the 2300 Arena. You might know it as one of the locations used for the not-at-all feel good film The Wrestler. Wrestling fans would know it as the former ECW Arena. For the non-wrestling fans, ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling. It was an upstart promotion that was lewder and bloodier than WWF (now WWE) and WCW. There’s a reason it was scouted and used for The Wrestler.

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Optics matter. For a majority of Americans, political conventions are introductions to a presidential and vice presidential candidate. For the first time, both major party candidates for the American presidency have been in the public sphere for more than 25 years. So the 2016 presidential election is less about substance and more about style. It’s not that substance doesn’t matter, it’s just most people have already made up their mind.

Hosting a DNC rebuttal in the former home of ECW and current home for independent boxing and wrestling promotions was a bad idea. It is bad optics. The Wrestler is a movie with a bad ending. Boxing is known for corruption and CTE. It was a bright, sunny day when the event began. It was not bright and sunny inside.

Before you saw a stage for speakers, you saw a lit boxing ring.

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And a rigged wheel.

And a polygraph.

The poorly attended rebuttal of Hillary Clinton featured a former Secret Service agent and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The Secret Service agent was upset because of the liberal media didn’t help sell his book. He told the media that. The liberal media.

Utah’s Attorney General Sean Reyes let us know that he thinks Clinton is going to take your guns away.

Former spokesman for United States Ambassadors to the United Nations Richard Grenell spoke about the threat of Russia. He did not bring up Trump’s affinity for Putin. He did say, “It’s time they bring back our balls.” Once again, no mention of Trump and Putin.

The Q&A was bleaker than anything said on stage at the Republican National Convention. Former Mayor Giuliani’s comments were much scarier than Mr. Trump’s convention speech. Same fears but condensed and delivered in a dark boxing arena. He began with “I don’t think people understand this election,” before getting more animated, exclaiming, “The world is at war!” He also called Obama, “The Fantasizer in Chief.”

The final comments on stage were for t-shirts. Due to popular demand, organizers were happy to inform the liberal media that their ENOUGH shirts are now available for $15. The event ended with a plug for merch.

Leaving a windowless arena, the sky turned grey. Massive storms hit the city soon after. It fit with the messages heard inside. If you believed the speakers, you believed the world was about to end.

After the RNC at the DNC event and before the prime time speeches at the DNC, Trump spoke to supporters in Iowa. He said some stuff that would work well before a boxing or wrestling match.

“You know what I wanted to. I wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard,” Trump said in Davenport. “I would have hit them. No, no. I was going to hit them, I was all set and then I got a call from a highly respected governor.”

We may already have a three party system. Democrat, Republican and Former Republicans That Can Still Garner A Massive Media Presence. I saw some political advertising from the not so distant past that reminded me that the GOP and whatever this version of the GOP is had very different views.

So now there’s the Democrats, GOP, and Trump GOP. There’s also the Libertarian and Green Party but no one shows up for their events. They can’t afford to rent out a sad boxing ring in a warehouse district of Philadelphia.