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I’m charging my computer. And I’m using my computer to charge my phone and an external battery charger. I’m also using another outlet to charge another external battery charger. The most important thing every member of the media can do at a political convention is to have a not dead smartphone.


Because you need to Tweet what everyone can watch on television.

Because you need to Instagram what everyone can watch on television.

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Bill's first line. #BYTDNC #dnc2016

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Because you need to attract vitriol in your Tweets and Instagrams from people you will instantly block because to interact with trolls is to feed the trolls.

Side note: Portlandia is a documentary on Portland and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a tourism campaign for Philadelphia.


Night 2 of the Democratic National Convention was remarkable. For the first time in this country’s history, a woman is leading a major party ticket. It was so historic, major American publications wanted to remind everyone that a white man used to be president.

It was remarkable because the Mothers of the Movement spoke. There’s nothing funny about this. It was just moving. And heartbreaking. I know you don’t come to this site for sadness, but please, if you’re going to watch one piece of video from the conventions, please watch this.

Back to fun. It was a remarkable night because for the second consecutive convention, a wrestling trope was used to make a statement.

The DNC is whatever you want it to be. The Convention Center (located miles away from the arena, which is horrible, the RNC had a much, much better layout) is a place of conversations from Hillary supporters, Bernie supporters and those in between. The arena can be a ruckus place one moment and a stage for unity the next. And regardless of what you’re looking for, you will find Alex Jones.