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Photos by Bradley

Our BYT Dinosaur has been hitting up the hottest parties in anticipation of our super-awesome prehistoric pride party “Capital Pride & Brightest Young Things present Homo Erectus – the Evolution of Pride“. on Saturday, June 12.  Our dilaphosaurus has been seen at the Mixtape party, Pink SockSHIFT, the Phase and other locations over the past few weeks.  You could say that he is a prehistoric party animal.   Last week he stopped by the monthly (mostly gay) French music night Maison.

Maison May 2010-50

BYT Dinosaur: When Brightest Young Thingsinvited me to the Maison party, I was so excited. A French-themed music night meant that I would have the chance to catch up with delicious French dinosaurs like Briggite Bardot.  Seriously. How old is that bronto-broad?

Maison May 2010-27 Maison May 2010-47 Maison May 2010-19 Maison May 2010-18

The place was packed with the hottest men and women sipping down champagne specials and French delights from the upstairs menu.  To some, frog legs are exotic.  But, to a dinosaur, reptile is so passe.  I captured cute brunette in the corner of the candle-lit bar and all I can say is…WOW…how did I miss this?  If only mammals were on the menu during the pliensbachian period!

DJ’s Shea Van Horn and TMY were nice enough to invite me to take a turn spinning on the turntables.  They asked if I had any French tracks that I could lay down, but I only spin rock…Bedrock, that is!

Maison May 2010-63

Maison May 2010-57 Maison May 2010-56

I made so many good friends at Maison, that I’ll be hitting more events ahead of our massive party this Saturday, June 12 at the Washington Hilton. Online ticket sales will soon be extinct, so grab them now at dcpride.eventbrite.com. The Maison DJs (TMY& Shea Van Horn) will be there along with sexy cavepeople, DILF dinosaurs and the hottest people in DC.

Maison May 2010-66


Maison May 2010-82 Maison May 2010-84 Maison May 2010-64 Maison May 2010-65 Maison May 2010-89 Maison May 2010-33

Maison May 2010-74 Maison May 2010-72 Maison May 2010-43 Maison May 2010-76

Maison May 2010-15 Maison May 2010-2 Maison May 2010-8 Maison May 2010-89 Maison May 2010-52 Maison May 2010-9

Grab your Homo Erectus tickets before they become extinct at: dcpride.eventbrite.com

Capital Pride & BrightestYoungThings.com present Homo Erectus – the Evolution of Pride this Saturday, June 12 at the iconic Washington Hilton. This is the official closing party of pride.