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Holy Shit you guys. If Merriweather Post had doors, they would be about to get blown OFF.  Vince Neal, the SCORPS, Cinderella (highly underrated imo) and KiKiKiKiKIX (Balmers sexiest misogynists) are all going to come together and rock you until you fly into the air and smash through the ceiling of the universe and God is going to go, “Dude wtf who is this Lamer?” and send you Hell where you will rock with EL DIABLO until you have to go home and pay the babysitter.



Since BYT and IMP (along with all the coolest places in town) are partnering to bring you BYT ALLCITY, the events calender to end all events calenders, and the first of its kind in DC and possibly anywhere…this giveaway will involve partners, and firsts.

For the chance to win a pair of tickets to this unreal arena bowl of greasy rock power tell us what metal ballad you’d most want to have lost your virginity to!

Mine are definitely this:

And this:

Cuz I’m gentle like a baby seal.