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Did we mention that all the shows you need to see this week are happening early in the semana?
Tonight, The Cat backstage is sure to melt under the sheer force of the True Womanhood/Crystal Antlers combo.
Now, we’ve talked (read: raved) about True Womanhood before (check out Rick’s super classy feature on them here) so lets focus on Crystal Antlers for a second or second and a half.

Hailing from California, it is only natural that Crystal Antlers is NOT A SUNNY BAND AT ALL. The band that has been described as “outwardly seeming like refugees from six different stories” plays the kind of LCD induced, ominously fuzzy psychedelia that seems to be all the rage these days, all Velvet underground feedbacks and booming bass and organ lines.
It fits perfectly along the lines of the old adage: “you have to really love music to know how to destroy it well”
If it is your kind of a thing, then it is REALLY your kind of a thing.

With nothing more than an untitled EP to their name (they are now signed to Touch and Go btw, so expect more soon, aside from the inevitable reissue, I imagine), they already have Pitchfork fawning all over them (8.5, thankyouverymuch) freely dispensing lines of recommendation like this:

If the buzz sends you to MySpace, you’ll get their impact but not their dynamics. Catch one of their cramped live shows and you’ll get their in-it-to-win-it intensity but not their expansiveness. Hear their self-released EP, and you’re getting closer– besides existing at the cross-section of so many styles, the disc finds the band at a more important nexus of potential and realization

and are known for their:

“relentlessly energetic band with crowd-pleasing stage antics.”

and have apparently set CMJ on fire this past weekend.
All in all, add it all up and we think you should probably go see them.
If for nothing else then to talk about it later.
We will.

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